June 17, 2010

We met at uni – the first conversation we had resulted in him insulting me.  Not in a ‘damn, you’re ugly’ way; it was meant in a teasing way, but due to the subject of the comment, which is something I’m very protective of, it came across as an insult.  Not a good start, but a memorable one.

His comments on subject matters were somewhat interesting.  They made me think he was an arrogant, obnoxious git.  But, on the opposite end of the scale, he was also lovely, on occasion.  When I was having a crisis printing off some work for a deadline, he went out of his way to help out until it was sorted.  Hmmm.  I was having a dilemma.  Here was a guy whose views were very Tory-upper class-let’s ship all the immigrants back home….and yet I was strangely attracted to him.  I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  He annoyed me for just making me think about him.

I confided in friends about this and I was persuaded to get up off my backside and decide whether I really liked him or not, and if I did, to do something about it!  Over the Christmas holidays I thought about him more often.  I decided to do something about it.

How though? I’m as nervous as a mouse when it comes to asking guys out.  There’s this overwhelming fear of rejection.  But I asked him.  And he said yes.

When I asked him, my heart was pounding in my chest.  His face was one of shock – had I said something wrong?  Was he thinking of the best way to turn me down?  I quickly made my excuses, to save him uttering the words that would crush my hopes.  As I did, he suddenly appeared to re-animate, and reassured me that actually, yes, he would like to go out with me.

I left with a spring in my step, and quite literally, a song in my heart.  I felt as light as a feather.

He took me out a few days later and we had a lovely meal.  He walked me home and held me tightly as I walked in stupidly high heels over the ice on the pavements.  And then, when we got to my house, as the song goes, he kissed me.

We’ve been seeing each other for 5 months now, and I’ve introduced him as Occam.  There are more stories about our antics to come – I hope they prove to be an exciting read!

Xbox tips for dating

December 14, 2009

Whilst browsing the web, as you do when you’re procrastinating, I came across this blog post about an Xbox game that allows you to practise your skills of talking to girls.

Here’s my tip:

  • Start seeing your mates again.  Seriously.  Stop sitting, glued to the screen playing said Xbox, and talk to your mates.  Get some social interaction.  Then you’ll realise what’s socially acceptable in a conversation, and in doing so, you know how to talk to women.

We’re only human you know.  We aren’t an alien species that speaks a different language.  Strike up a conversation about anything, be it how you find the attack on Berlusconi terrible, or, perhaps more likely to get a response, your plans for New Year’s Eve.

Make it your pre-New Year’s resolution

New chapter?

November 8, 2009

He kicked off his shoes, one of them propelled to the area of the room I was standing in. It hit the back of my leg, and I spun round, ready to berate him. But I thought of a better idea: under the guise of being annoyed, I started a tickling war. He was powerless to resist, and collapsed in a fit of giggles onto his bed. I straddled him in order to keep up the pretense that I was hurt by such a display of carelessness with his shoes.

But then he grabbed me, forcefully, but not enough to cause me pain. My arms were pinned to my sides, and all tickling was stopped. I was still straddling him, and as I felt how powerfully he held me in his grip, I started to let my mind wander over what might be.

I slowly lowered my head to meet his, and gently placed a kiss on his lips.  To say there were sparks is an understatement.  A sharp intake of breath from him, and his arms were wrapped around me, holding me in an unbreakable embrace.  My arms snaked around his neck, my hands running through his too-long hair.  Our hands wandered, as our lips danced over necks: as his lips kissed, and teeth grazed over my neck, it was all I could do to slump into ball.  A ball completely filled with electricity, feeling ecstatic.

I should have been feeling utterly relaxed, lapping up the attention he was giving me.  But I was greedy.  I wanted more.  I pulled at his shirt, lifting it up over his head.  I wanted to get a better look at him, so I pushed him back onto the bed, still kissing him, with him pulling me down on top of his body.

I wound my way down his neck, onto his chest, with my mouth, placing kisses along my way, but pausing at his nipples.  I circled my tongue around his nipple, and heard the sharp intake of breath, and felt his arms lock tighter around my body.  I continued this, bringing him to the same peak he had brought me to earlier, before carrying on my journey further down his body.

If his belt wasn’t so complicated, I would’ve contemplated taking his trousers off with my teeth, just for the effect.  But, alas, his belt was complicated.  He had to help.  But once I got his trousers off (he took his socks off at the same time – how do men do that so easily, seemingly without us noticing?), I continued with the teasing.  This was done by kissing the tops of his legs, and that little crease that forms between the top of his legs and his abdomen.  Then I started at the base of his penis, and licked the length of it, finishing off with a swirl of my tongue around his head.  I played around this throbbing head, running my tongue up and down the frenulum, as my left hand pumped his cock, and my right hand was entwined with his hand.  Then, when I thought I’d teased him enough, I slid the entire length of his cock into my mouth.  His hand swept my hair aside, which had fallen and covered his cock, so he could watch me work my mouth on his cock.

I moved back to kiss him properly, and his hands move quickly to remove me from my clothes.  Again, I raise the issue of skinny jeans: they may look good, but they sure as hell are difficult to get off in the throws of passion.  Now it is his turn to worship my body.  And he does such a good job, paying particular attention to my breasts, kneading them gently with his hands, whilst flicking my nipples with his tongue.

As I was in a state of complete and utter bliss, yet again, I failed to notice his hand disappear ‘down south’, until he started circling my clit with his fingers.  He was teasing me.  I kept trying to wriggle around, so he would sink his fingers deep inside me, but he didn’t take the bait.  But he did, when I least expected it.  I practically came on the spot.  It had been too long since I’d had anyone finger me, and it felt so good to have it done to me again.  He rocks me hard, still pleasuring me with his tongue all over my body.

Positioning himself above me, I spread my legs to allow him easier access.  I squirm a little, anticipating the inevitable thrust of his cock.  He rubs my opening with it, before sinking in, in one long stroke, before pulling out again.  He continues to do this, several times, before I grabbing him, trying to pull him towards me, my legs wrapped around me, trying to ease my frustration.  He grants me my wish, slowly, and as he thrusts in and out of me, he positions his hand in between our bodies, and starts rubbing my clit again.  He brings me so close, but stops.

I roll him over, pinning him down, and straddle him again.  I lower myself onto his cock, and this time, bring him to the brink of orgasm.  But I stop just before he does.  Now who’s the teasing one?  I tell him I don’t want him to come just yet, and suggest that he takes me from behind.

Kneeling on all fours, he grabs my hips, and takes me, starting slowly, and building it up.  With one hand on my hip, the other on my right breast, he brings me to the point again…..but then stops, building up the suspense.

We collapse side by side on the bed – neither of us have come yet. I ask him what he wants.  He says whatever I want, I can have it. I tell him I want him right now, really hard. He obliges.

He slid his cock into me, forcefully, and carried out my request by thrusting into me hard and fast.  After a few strokes, he said ‘Told you I wouldn’t last long’, followed by ‘ohhhhhhhh fuck!’ as his thrusts became harder, before coming deep inside me.

I may not have come, but he made up for it later.  But that’s another post…

Phone sex

July 27, 2009

Him: I’ll never let you win! Accept that I am superior.
Me: Nope, I’ll come up with some sort of appeal that says you’re cheating.
Him: That’ll never work.
Me: I’ll tie you to a chair and gag you.
Him: That’s called blackmail.
Me: I could bribe you. Everyone loves a bribe.
Him: Depends.
Me: On?
Him: How delicious the bribe is.
Me: Well we’re down to two options: money and sex.
Him: I don’t want money.
Me: Well that’s sorted then. But I suspect it’ll have to be to certain requirements. You won’t let me win for just anything.
Him: True. What do you suggest?
Me: A peck on the cheek?
Him: No deal.
Me: A kiss on the mouth?
Him: Hmmmm…still, no deal.
Me: A kiss below the belt?
Him: Getting better!
Me: Me, naked, on my knees, giving you head. Then, when I’m done, you can have your way with me. Does that sound good? Deal?
Him: Deal.

Hello fellow bloggers and avid readers.  Things as a postgrad student have hit that point where I have too much work to do and not enough time to do it in.  I currently have three assignments to do and 3 exams to revise for in one week.  Easy peasy (!).  I have lots of posts lined up, promise, but in the mean time, I will let you in on an event that happened to make my day last week.

I was in the student pub with William, enjoying a drink after a music session, and sheltering from the cold.  We were heading for the door when this guy came up to me, who was either drunk or very eccentric, or both.  He pulled me to one side and said:

“Oh my God, you are the single most beautiful girl in this room, you’re eyes are so radiant, you light up the whole place!  And you smile is so radiant.  All the men notice you when you walk into this place, and they are so intimidated by your beauty that they can’t come up to you.  You are simply gorgeous.”  At which point William had walked off and didn’t witness any of this, as he thought I knew the guy!

When I thanked this kind stranger for his rather original conversation, I went to find William and re-told him the story.  He seemed a little miffed that some stranger had been ‘hitting on his girl’ as he put it, but that he had to agree with the drunk/eccentric guy.

It’s quite nice to be complimented by a complete stranger, but having my boyfriend (We are officially a couple!  Facebook says so!) compliment me on a daily basis is a rather more heart-warming and confidence boosting affair.

The Silver Lining

November 20, 2008

You know those old cliches: ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and ‘as one door closes, another one opens’.  I never really believed in these proverbs/old wives’ tales, but I’ve started to realise that maybe those old wives were onto something.

You see, when I was moping around after Johnny, I joined a load of societies at university to keep my mind off of things and keep me occupied.  I took up a new hobby of learning a new instrument in an orchestra at university, and consequently, met a load of new people, and made a hell of a lot of new friends.

On the first night, many many weeks ago, I met one of the exec of the group called William (only in my strange mind can I go from his real name to William) who made me feel right at home with everyone and showed me the ropes with my newly acquired instrument (I think I’m up to 4 cliches now…).  He was incredibly sweet and there was definitely something there, he was instantly put into the ‘Possible Boyfriend Material’ category.

So once a night every week we met up for our lessons, and I kind of got the impression he liked me from the poking wars on facebook and catching my eye in band practice.  And I liked him too, but was perhaps lacking the confidence to do anything to confirm my suspicions.

But then the whole Barry thing happened again.  I honestly was unsure about how this was going to turn out, but I still decided not to pursue things with William until I knew for sure what I felt for Barry.  So, of course, him cancelling on me gave me the jump start to stop living in the past and remember why we broke up in the first place.

Que the next band practice:  despite the dilemna that was Barry, I was filled with confidence.  I decided I was an attractive, intelligent and amazing woman, and any man would be lucky to have me!  So, with this in mind, I was determined to make my move on William, even if I’d read the signals wrong, I was going to try.  At band practice he was his usual self, but the poking war had spilled over into real life, causing a massive tickling fight post-practice.  The rest of the band and me and William walked to the pub for some much needed beverages, which was where I’d decided I’d make my move.

Imagine my surprise when we got there, William offered to buy me a drink and then asked me out first!  He asked me out on a date to the cinema later on that week and I was beaming!

Since that night we’ve seen each other five nights and all I can say is WOW.  You know when I said I know I deserve better?  Well, this is what I deserve.  He’s quite possibly the most amazing man I’ve had the luck to meet: intelligent (maths student! He’s cleverer than me!), a musician (they make better lovers apparently), gorgeous, the most amazing kisser ever.  He keeps telling me how he thinks he’s the luckiest man alive because he’s got the most gorgeously clever girlfriend, and calls me beautiful.  He cooks for me and makes me breakfast in bed.

By the way, referring to that last comment, no, we haven’t had sex yet, but we have slept together, hence the breakfast in bed.  We have talked about it and we decided that we both wanted to do things properly, ad wait and make it the best it can be.  Hopefully not setting it up too much, but I have a sneaky suspicion that something this good out of the bedroom is surely going to be just as good in the bedroom.

Wicked way

November 1, 2008

Now I’m not going to divulge who this was with. A prize though, for whoever guesses correctly:

Him: “Morning. Thanks for the earlier comment, was feeling a bit down, better now. How’s uni life? Wanna come live here?”

Me: “That might be an idea! What was up with you anyway?”

Him: “Posh people suck. There’s room in my castle for you, very reasonable rates”

Me: “How reasonable? I’ve heard castles can be draughty. Get back to work, lazy!”

Him: “The rates involve performing tasks for me”

Me: “Like cooking and cleaning?”

Him: “Cooking, cleaning, sexual favours…”

Me: “Are you being a naughty boy?”

Him: “Well, you know me, I have a hard time being good. Are you texting in your lecture you bad girl?”

Me: “No I am not! I’m a good girl. Can’t you find anyone where you are to enslave?”

Him: “Personally I thought you’d enjoy the slavery 😉 what will convince you?”

Me: “Send me a picture of something I like to convince me”

Him: “Ice cream?”

Me: “No! But that’s a good idea for later, keep it in mind”

Him: “How about the sexypants?”

[Sends picture message of him in nothing but his boxers, along with “off in the shower now, pleasant thoughts :)”]

Him: “Have you thought about us having a shower together so we’re both wet and naked?”

Me: “I have, but I won’t tell you what I’ve got in mind just yet….”

Him: “Does it involve me pushing you up against the cool tiles after you’ve had a hot shower? Either way round, I don’t mind!”

Me: “Sounds good. Trying to decide which side I want to get hot first. But that’ll be after I’ve dropped to my knees and given you a blow job”

Him: “You do surprise me! I’m thinking behind first, so I can press your big, wet tits against the wall while I slide into you from behind”

Me: “You love it when I go down on you, so don’t be shocked! But I’m not going to let you come. That definitely sounds like the best position….”

Him: “I do love it, especially standing up. Not going to let me come then? What else have you got planned?”

Me: “I thought I was the slave here, subject to your every demand? Shall I bring the handcuffs?”

Him: “I wouldn’t mind bossing you about, but I need some direction. What do you want me to do?”

Me: “Not that I need persuasion, but I want to be made to lick and suck your cock. Then I want you to withhold sliding it into me, even if I beg you too”

Him: “And just when you’ve given up hope, I’ll fuck your brains out. Where do you want me to come though?”

Me: “So many options….you’re in charge, you decide, just as long as it isn’t my hair!”

Him: “I love coming in your mouth, but coming inside of you is a close second. You make it sound like there are so many choices, how much porn have you been watching?!”

Me: “Enough. I wouldn’t mind making you come in my mouth. First time anyway”

Him: “If I’m fucking you from behind in the shower, it could go everywhere, all over your ass, your back….”

Me: “Good job we’re in a shower then! There’s in my mouth, my breasts and stomach, my back, in my pussy and in my ass….you decide!”

Him: “I’m sure you’ll make me come enough for one of each. I’ll definitely be fucking you in the ass at some point in the night, if you want it”

Me: “I do want it. I may have to relinquish my role as slave and boss you about though”

Him: “Are you going to take control and ride my cock? What else are you going to boss me about for?”

Me: “I’ll use those chains of yours and have my wicked way with you”

Him: “You’re going to tie me down? Can’t wait, I bet your wicked way is awesome”.