My gift to you

March 17, 2009


Yes, I know this is waaaaay overdue…but, y’know….been busy and stuff.

In the February edition of Scarlet, there was a cut-out-and-keep double page spread of promises one could make to their beloved on Valentine’s Day.  Perfect, I thought:  thrifty (well, you have to be in the current climate), a chance to show my creative side, and it’s technically a present for both of us.

So I cut out the pages and made them into little business card-like promises.  I selected the ones I wanted, of course:  I wasn’t particularly keen on the ‘I will call up my friend and we can indulge in a threesome’.

Even though I’d selected about 10 promises, I knew which one he would pick above the rest.

I made him close his eyes and sit on the bed.  Opening the palm of one of his hands, I rested the pack of cards in his hand and told him to open his eyes.  The look on his face was like a child at Christmas that has just opened the present he’d been wanting for months.  He read all the cards thoroughly, still with a grin on his face, before saying “I’ve picked one”.  Like I said, I knew which one it was going to be.  I made him read it out.

“We will have a soapy shower together, and when I am ready, you will insert one finger into my sweet hole.  When I am wet enough, I will get the lube and cover your cock in it before plunging it into my ass.”

Having him read this out made me want him so much, I was not satisfied with kissing his neck: I had to bite down on his neck and ears, whilst running my hands down his back, digging fingernails into his buttocks to pull him that little bit closer to me.

“I think we should have the shower after” he decided.

“That’s fine” I replied, as I was quite happy with the position he was in at the moment.  I pulled him on top of me.  The thought of what was to come had made him hard; so hard, in fact, it was almost painful as he rocked back and forth between my legs.  The friction of our bodies rubbing against each other meant that, although still fully clothed, I was peaking towards orgasm already.  Much biting and nail-clawing ensued, as I grew closer and closer to what I wanted.  As I came, I gave out a moan, unstifled:  I didn’t see why I should concern myself with what other people thought when I was experiencing something so utterly sexy.

As I lay, basking in my post-orgasmic glow, William was still unsatisfied:  he started stripping my down, removing my items of clothing one by one, before helping me up out of bed to standing, where I was rewarded for my sheer laziness by a strong embrace, and a powerful kiss.  Still relaxed from my orgasm, I was slow to remove his clothing, but his constant kissing, biting and nuzzling of my neck, and practically any flesh he could find, aroused me further.  I remembered what he wanted to do to me, and this perked me up even more.  I produced the bottle of lube as he put on the condom.

He started teasing me with lubed-up fingers from behind: as I was bent over my bed, with him behind me, I could feel his fingers move in and out of me, but it didn’t feel unpleasant.  I was enjoying it, and wanted more.  So William lubed up his cock, which was still painfully hard, and gently pushed into me.  Unlike previous times when I’ve tried anal, I didn’t feel stuffed.  This time, I felt relaxed and was actually enjoying it!  

William reached round with one hand to rub my clit, sometimes dipping the tip of his fingers into my soaking wet pussy.  He lifted me up, so I was standing up and pressed against him, still with him thrusting in and out of me.  When neither of us could stand anymore, he told me to lie on the floor, on all fours, as he entered me from behind again.  The forcefulness of his thrusts had me lying down completely, my moans this time stifled by the carpet, as he gave my arsehole the fucking of its life.  This didn’t hurt, as he had lubed up well beforehand.  But neither did it make me come.  This was slightly disappointing, but as William came himself, I was satisfied that he was satisfied.  I was happy we had managed to do anal without me protesting that it hurt too much.  And there’s always next time!

We lay on the floor of my room, him on top of me, for some time while we both caught our breathe back.  He pulled out of me and disposed of the condom, and I planted small kisses running up from his neck to his lips.

“Shower?” I asked, as my arse was covered in lube, and we were both a little hot and bothered.

I have to say, I think the shower was the most romantic part of the night:  giving each other a scrub down with nice smelling shower gel, washing each others hair, and then finally washing away the soap suds by holding each other and kissing underneath the shower. 

Not quite a tropical waterfall, but it’s good enough for us.


December 17, 2008

I love being home at Christmas: it’s cosy and there’s that element of festivity in the air that makes everything warm and fuzzy.  But you cannot update your blog for fear of one of your rents walking in on you.  I’ve had to type this entry over a week!  Although this happened three weeks ago now, I can still remember it because it was so good!  Me and my gorgeous musician, William, had been trying to be good, to wait a bit until we had sex, as we didn’t want to rush into things.  We wanted it to be done properly and for it to be (clique as it sounds) special.

So we set a date, as basically every time we saw each other the electricity and sexual tension between us was huge.  We hadn’t had penetrative sex, but he had already made me come just through touching me and rubbing my clit through my clothes.  We knew that by setting a date, we could set the scene, make everything perfect and it would mean we wouldn’t give into the urge and have a quickie.

William was going to cook for me, I was to supply the dessert (actual dessert here, not sex!).  I arrived at his house, slightly late as I had been making myself up, and had the dilemna of ‘to dress up or not to dress up’.  I decided to dress up slighty, with fancy underwear, a simple ,yet cleavage enhancing dress and high heels.  He had already started cooking when I got there.  There’s something sensuous about cooking together, sharing the wine as you cook: he would stand behind me at the cooker, one arm wrapped around my waist, the other copying my own arm and stirring the vegetables in the pan.  He would carefully tease me, lowering his head to my neck to kiss the curve it made as it joined my shoulders.  Then it was back to business.  Oh yes, teasing indeed.

I have to say, I was nervous.  Well, perhaps 10% nervous, 90% excited (Ode to Armageddon).  I knew it was going to be good, I don’t know how, but I did.  After our sumptuous dinner, he lead me upstairs by the hand, where he’d tidied his room especially (messy boys!).  We stood in the middle of the room, in each others arms, kissing each other, slowly letting the feeling of wanting increase even more than it already was between us.

My dress was the first thing to come off, as he untied the ribbons at the back and lifted it up over my head.  He briefly ran his eyes over my body in approval, his hands on my waist, pulling me towards him to embrace me as we kissed again.  He walked me to his bed, still kissing me, and laid me down on it.

I would like to point out that at this point I was frustrated at the fact that I was semi-naked but he was still fully dressed.  As if he was reading my mind, he pulled his shirt up over his head, and then I pulled him on top of me so he was between my legs.

As our hands wandered over each others bodies, my hands running through his hair (I had previously discovered this makes him putty in my hands),  I moved my head to his side so I could kiss the length of his neck: starting at the jawline, up to the earlobe where I gently nibbled, then onto that part just behind his ear, where I bit down.  This made William moan with pleasure, and he wrapped me up in his arms, squeezing me and pulling me closer to him.

This was definitely the catalyst to William getting the rest of his clothes off, as I was soon helping him undo his belt and pull his trousers off (he handled the socks!).  He returned to his previous position of being on top of me, as I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around him, encouraging him to start rubbing and stimulating my clit through my knickers with his already rock-hard cock.  He returned the favour of kissing me on the neck, gently nibbling my shoulders.

Then he quietly asked, almost nervously ‘Do you want to do it?’, which I thought was incredibly sweet.  I nodded, probably with a schoolgirl grin on my face, as he got up to get a condom from the drawer (yes, an advertisement for safe sex!).  While he was up rumaging through the drawer, I took the remainder of my clothes off, a lay, somewhat seductively, with my arms above my head and one knee bent, to entice him back to bed quicker.

In fairness, I don’t think it mattered how I positioned myself, he’d have hurried back anyway!  He lay on top of me, with his hand between my legs, gently circling my clit.  This was driving me wild, as I’d rather have his fingers inside of me, so I pleaded with him to do so.  He did, thrusting two fingers deep inside me, causing me to literally arch my back in pleasure.  He eased his fingers out of my, only to replace them with his cock, sliding it into me, as I gasped at how it filled me up completely.

I was already worked up to oblivion, so it was inevitable that it wouldn’t take long for me to come: our legs were entwined, my fingernails were digging into his buttocks, I was biting down hard onto his shoulder, and with each thrust it brought me closer to climax, which was earth-shattering, causing my body to shake.  It was very good.  As it turned out, he likes it rough, so the fingernails and the biting tipped him over the edge, too.

Our night did not end there though, oh no.  After a short breather, comprising of mini hugs and kisses and snuggling under the duvet, it was time to raunch it up a bit.  Cue my favourite (well, it was.  I’m now torn, as William makes the missionary so damn good), from behind.  Being as I was feeling so rested after our cuddles, I decided to be lazy and lie on my front, propped up on my forearms, and have William slide into me from behind like that.  This meant he got to lie on top of me again, and I could turn my head to kiss him passionately as he thrust into me from behind.

Here’s the funny bit (it’s funny now): William is quite well endowed, at least seven inches, so he has to be careful he doesn’t go too deeply.  Which he did.  And it hurt!  This resulted in me whipping my head back in response to the pain, and headbutting him.  So concerned was William about him hurting me that he withdrew and insisted in giving me a head massage.  I’d completely forgotten the fact that I’d headbutted him, so he had received the pain too.

Once we’d got over the multiple pains, we giggled, and started all over again.

Decadence Part 2

August 29, 2008

I feel really bad, as I want this to be an account of my time with Johnny before he jets off on his fantabulous holiday. But unfortunately it seems sleep in between these two parts has left me hazy on events :S I will endevour to try my best however!

  • So I left you last time with me and Johnny basking in post-orgasmic bliss. I was still up for more, But Johnny needed time to recover. Perfect timing for pillow talk! We talked about me and him, how I actually developed the balls to tell him how I felt (or, to put it correctly, just kiss him. I always think the direct approach is best), and how he thought I fancied someone else, and that I would never like him. We also talked about what to do next year: he will reach Australia sometime in May, but I will still be studying, so we decided to wait until he’s settled down and I’ll go over and visit him. This is, of course, dependent on him not meeting someone else who he’ll fall madly in love with. He doesn’t want me to put my life on hold for him, but he said he’ll stay in touch as often as he can. He also seems to think I’ll meet someone else, hence the not putting life on hold. This may sound completely daft, but due to me actually getting it right when I thought he fancied me, I think that perhaps he is more afraid of me forgetting about him, than him meeting someone else. Judging from how he was with me that morning, I think he really REALLY likes me. And I’m hoping that the following events will cement me in his memory:

After much pillow talk, he leaned over me and whispered ‘I want you again’ in my ear. Both of us were lying on our sides, and I tossed my leg over his, pulling him to me, kissing him. There’s nothing like a man saying he wants you to turn you on. But this time I was in charge. I straddled him, kissing him and slowly working my way down, via his neck and nipples, which I gave a gentle nip with my teeth. I teased him slightly as I got closer towards his cock, by starting kissing his knees and working up again. Finally, I stopped teasing him and licked the entire length of his cock, swirling around the tip, stroking the underneath with my tongue before taking the entire length in my mouth. My left hand stroked his balls whilst I slowly licked his cock in very languid strokes. I could feel him twitch in my mouth, and I could tell he was enjoying it so I stopped and positioned myself above him, and he thrust upwards to meet my downwards movement. I rode him like this for a short time, before I pulled him up so he was sitting up and I could kiss him. I think it was too much for him, as he lay back down and pulled me down and kissed me, thrusting upwards as I moved down on his cock. This felt so good, but I wanted it to be spectacular: I sat upright again, moving my hips in a circular position and fingering that bit between his balls and arsehole, and this was pure bliss for him. I was close to another orgasm, and with his hands on my hips, he was moving me around on his cock as I felt him shudder again beneath me.

Laying down again, catching our breath, looking at him was like looking at someone who’d had an epiphany: He said that that was amazing, that even though he didn’t actually come, he felt loads of pins and needles throughout his whole body, and it was the best thing ever.

So of course, he hadn’t come, and he was like a beast that had been let out of his cage. He told me to lie on my side again, as he entered me from behind. Slowly at first, before grabbing my hip and pounding into me hard, my leg up in the air. I grabbed hold of his hand and moved it to my clit, so both our hands were rubbing profoundly on my clit as he brought me to orgasm. This was a mini orgasm I think, less powerful than the others.

We next went into the doggie position, with me on all fours, and him positioned between my legs. This didn’t last long, as it’s my favourite and most likely to get me off. I was feeling sore from being pounded but at the same time I didn’t want it to stop. He held me as he thrust his cock into me, but not removing it, just swirling his hips around until he came inside me again. He collapsed onto his legs, dragging me with him, so we were sitting on top of each other, but facing away. He wrapped his arms around my front, and I could feel the warm breath on my back, every so often interrupted by his kisses. As I felt his cock slide out of me I literally collapsed on the bed. I was sated (for now) and we resumed our entwined position in bed, him wrapping me up in his arms, and yet more pillow talk. One of the best things (scrap that – it was ALL GOOD! But a nice part) was the attention I got after orgasm: him dragging me closer to him, holding me in his arms, me nestled up resting my head in that nook formed by his chest and arm. The little kisses that he loved so much (he said I kiss just how he wants to be kissed, hence why there was so much of it!). Not always with loads of tongue, little sips of the mouth, with his hand at the back of my head (yum). I told him I liked it like that too. He seemed surprised that such a simple thing is what makes me go weak at the knees for him.

This recovery period was longer than before, partly because *I* needed to recover as well. But he is very good at turning me on. I want to know where men learn to do the whole kissing of the neck so well tehcnique, including licking. Because it’s just fantastic. Is there a handbook? Anywho, I was so turned on again, I quite forcefully made him lie on his back and went down on him again, this time, intending to go for gold. I could hear him swearing under his breath, and occasionally taking my head in his head and moving my mouth up and down his cock how he liked it. I thought he was going to come, but then nothing. Then he called my name, and I stopped what I was doing, thinking I’d done something wrong, but all his said was ‘ride me’. I must have looked puzzled: I mean, blow jobs were my specialty! It was then he explained that he’d never actually come from a blow job before, he didn’t know why, but it did feel really good. ‘But I know what feels better’, he said, meaning he wanted me on top again.

This was slower, more relaxed than my previous outing on top with him. I felt in control, as I was on top, but at the same time, just as vulnerable (if that makes sense) as him, as we were face to face, both of us feeling the intensity of the movements I made. I held the back of his head in my hand so I could lift his head up slightly to kiss me. It felt good, but not enough to bring us to orgasm (too many perhaps?) and we shifted positions again, with him on top. I think it was here that he went down on me, but I can’t be sure! Sorry, but I did warn you I was hazy on the timing of events. Anywho, he kissed his way down my body, and I knew what was coming next, something I’d been longing for in all honesty. He swirled his tongue around my clit, alternating with upwards and downwards strokes. Then he stretch the skin to expose my clit even more, which was pure bliss. I was buckling under his mouth and I could feel my come trickling down me into his mouth. Then he stopped and I pulled him up so I could kiss him. I said ‘you taste of me’, to which he replied with just a smile, and positioned his cock at my pussy again. This was more ferocious, and I had misjudged where my head was in relation to the headboard, so it banged against it as he pounded me. But he placed his hand on the top of my head to stop my head hitting the board. With his other hand he lifted my leg up, so he could enter me even further. I love that, so it didn’t take long to tip me over the edge again!

He wanted me on all fours again but as he pulled out of me and I got up he had this expression on his face that read ‘actually, I can’t wait that long for you to turn around, I want you NOW!’ and pulled me down onto of him so he was sitting up, with his legs bent, and I was on top, using the bottom of his bed as leverage to rock us both to the peak of pleasure. My legs started to ache, so he flipped me over and entered me from behind again. This was the quickest orgasm of our session, a few powerful thrusts and we were both coming all over the place. As we returned to our previous position of us kneeling down with me on top, his heavy breathing on my back, I could feel the come from both of us trickle down between us.

We lay back down in bed, his head resting once more on my chest, his arms wrapped around me, my arms wrapped around him, our legs entwined. I ran my hands through his hair, kissed his forehead, and stroked his back once more. My hand wandered down his back to find the dimples where his back ends and his buttocks start. I swear, there isn’t an ounce of fat on that man, he’s pure muscle. I was intrigued by his back: so muscly and toned, I wanted a better look. I told him to lie on his front, and I straddled him and gave him one of my back rubs (reserved only for the very special people in my life), mainly so I could admire his back, but also to give him something back after all that hard work he put into making me come so often (although he did say he loved making me so wet!). He relaxed even more, closing his eyes, as I massaged his buttocks, his back, shoulders and finally his arms. I started to plant kisses on his back, but my hair (which was a mess by this point) tickled him, which resulted in me pinning him down and tickling him. But he is deceptively strong, and somehow he managed to wriggle round and pin me down. He just held me, so close. We fell into a sort of sleep, not for long, but I managed to catch a glimpse of him sleeping – so gorgeous. I feel asleep with his arms around me.

When I woke, I saw him looking at me with sleepy eyes, and a smile on his face. He stroked my cheek with his thumb and kissed me. Then what I didn’t want to hear:

‘I don’t want you to go, but I really need to pack. And besides, the longer we spend together, the harder it will be to say goodbye’.

I knew this moment would come, but it came too soon. It always does, doesn’t it? I crept closer to him, pressing so close to him, as he hugged me so tightly. We were both sad that this was the last time for about 10 months we’d be able to do this.

I broke from the embrace first, deciding to be strong, determined not to cry or be anything but happy for him that he was going on the trip of his dreams. We got dressed, and I saw my reflection and thought ‘oh God!’ when I saw my hair. Johnny went to get me a comb.

As we walked to the door, we clung to each other, hugging and kissing. He told me not to put my life on hold for him, and to study hard, make him proud! And I said I’d see him next summer, as long as he doesn’t meet his future wife, of course. To this he replied that I might meet someone else.

Both options are possible. But (and I know I sound daft) he isn’t the type of person to go off on one night stands, so this I’m not worried about, and even if he does, well…we’re technically on hold, so I can’t complain. And he won’t be staying in one place long enough to develop a relationship with anyone, so I am clinging to the possibility that this time next year I will be back in his arms (aren’t I soppy?). But no, I’m not going to put my life on hold, in case it all goes tits up. I’m staying busy, trying new things, carrying on with the hobbies that both Johnny and I love doing, so I can go ‘Ha! Look! I’m a black belt before you are!’ and so on and so forth. I’m not going to stay at home, waiting for an email every night. But I will look forward to next summer so much.

Today I’ve been emotional. I was thinking to myself ’24 hours ago I was with him’. And almost instantly I got a text from him saying that he was thinking the same thing. I’m sad that he’s going but I’m looking forward to seeing all the pictures of these gorgeous places he’s going to, and telling him about MY adventures, even if they are restricted to this country. I ache from all the sex yesterday, but I don’t want the aching to go away, I want it to stay, as a reminder as it were. I’m scared also of being hurt. But my mom said something to me today: she gave him a picture of me years ago for him to scan into the computer so it could be blown up and given to my nan, who at the time was short sighted. Apparently he just looked at my photo and was speechless, and was just breathtaken by it (sorry, I don’t mean to sound vain here, just going on what I was told). But he hadn’t met me at that point. Then this summer, I started working for him.

Yeah, I’m scared of being hurt. But I’m also very excited about what could be.

His slave

August 20, 2008

Hmm, didn’t really think of the flip side here! It’s his birthday….so I have to get him something. And I don’t think a bottle of Jack Daniels would suffice! Although, whilst on the subject of alcohol, you can’t beat a bit of your favourite tipple to just loosen up and make you a little more giggly and slightly less inhibited. I mean, in general. If you’re not inhibited then I don’t know what alcohol does to your inhibitions! Answers on a postcard please.

Anywho, back to the main topic of conversation, during a slight bit of text flirting earlier, Guy did say how he would like to take a shower with me, cleaning me with some luxurious body wash, and then simultaneously moisturising me and giving me an all over body massage (he’s good isn’t he?!). I think my birthday present is complete 🙂

Now….for his present. Think I’m pretty much sorted underwear-wise due to the fabulous Dita bra and silver topped stockings. Should leave him completely speechless 😀 Now I don’t want to plan it *too* much, because then there’s no spontaneity, but I’ve got a fabulous trench coat, that’s just screaming out to cover up my lingerie and only my lingerie, complete with those shoes when I turn up at his….

Out of action

June 16, 2008

Yes, fellow bloggers, I will be ‘out of action’ for a while.

During my trip last week I had the misfortune to be in a road accident and ended up in hospital.  So am very achy!  Luckily, I have a splendid boyfriend who doesn’t mind looking after me by giving me massages when I require them 🙂 Bless him though, he was so worried about me, partly because he didn’t know what was going on exactly, and was trying to get hold of me, but of course, I was in hospital.  Me, on the other hand, was more worried about my car.

But that does mean that sex is off the agenda for at least this week until the pain/aches subside.  I wouldn’t even be able to lie there motionless (not that I would….that’s a bit weird isn’t it?) because it’d hurt!

So am relaxing lots.  Enjoying having lots of free time to myself and doing mini bouts of exercise so I can be back in the saddle (so to speak!) soon.

I shouldn’t have mentioned saddles, because now I’m thinking of riding crops! Yummy!

It ended up being a very sensuous evening, involving easing away Barry’s aches and pains from sport related activities (he seems to be muscley-er since I last saw him – bonus!), for which require the de-robing of clothes, naturally. I mean everything: how can you get to those nice places, such as the backs of knees, or feet, or the little dent just below the abs, if clothes are in the way?

As I said earlier, I didn’t intend last night to be about sex, but it wasn’t like we jumped straight into bed like horny rabbits. There was a nice, long build up. I got the affection returned to me, in the form of Barry stroking my hair, and practically everywhere else, maybe because he hadn’t seen me, so had to remind himself of what every curve felt like.

It was nice to have so much time spent on foreplay (at least an hour), as it makes me so much more relaxed, so that when it comes to sex, it feels even better, because my senses are already heightened and seem to feel everything, but more so.

So I did curl up in my lover’s arms. Before, during and after sex. In fact, being as I’m off on a trip until the weekend, Barry didn’t really want to let me go

That meme I did yesterday had me longing for Barry to come in my mouth….and I got exactly what I wanted 😀 I have missed it, it was almost a shock when he came!  But he did make sure I got mine beforehand 😉