Valentine’s Day

March 11, 2010

Nearly a month later I am brave enough to go onto the Agent Provocateur website to get the pictures of my present, and almost certainly find out how much my present cost.  It’s not like I want to know, but it’s a by-product of blogging about my pressie.

This is what I was bought by my lovely man:

with the matching briefs.  They are incredibly sumptuous, and lovely to wear as the silk feels so soft and, well, silky against the skin.  And they came perfectly gift-wrapped!

I’ve just totted up the price in my head.


I know I shouldn’t have looked, but I wanted to share what fabulous lingerie I’d been bought!  I truly am lucky. And it just means I’ll make it up to him for peeking at the price tonight, most likely wearing this.

Things to lust after

December 3, 2009

They can be found here.

How gorgeous are they?  I’m putting them on my Christmas wish list/New Year sales list.  These would make my man drool.  Hell, I’m willing to bet they’d make any man drool.


October 20, 2009

The new Agent Provocateur collection is called ‘Tarantula’:

Picture 3

Considering 50% of women, and only 10% of men suffer from arachnophobia, surely this was the wrong image to use to promote their latest range of lingerie?  I know it certainly makes me want to turn away!

Anyone agree?


February 7, 2009

I’ve found a new lingerie site:


I already have more lingerie than I could possibly ever need – apparently Gok Wan says women need five bras: black, white, strapless, sexy and plunging.  I have three times that.  And don’t get me started on the amount of corsets, basques, knickers, suspenders, stockings…..

But I can’t resist new lingerie.  It’s like the newness makes your whole body look new too, and shiny and enticing.  It’s a present for me and the other half, not that it stays on for long: something for him to feast his eyes on; and for me, as he can’t wait to take it off and throw me down on the bed!

Tied and Bound

January 7, 2009


I was stripped naked, with only a blindfold on, and was led by the hand to lie on the bed.  He positioned my arms above me, and then I felt the cool metal of the handcuff encasing my wrists as has fastened them.  I wriggled about, testing to see how much movement I still had, but I had been handcuffed to the headboard of my bed, and my ankles were being bound with silk ties to the bottom of the bed.

Just for a moment, all excitement left me, and the feeling of fear swept over me: this was the first outing into bondage for me and William, and I didn’t know what to expect.  But I quickly pushed this thought aside, as I felt the cold touch of William’s fingers, which were covered in lube: the excitement built up again as they circled my bumhole and he carefully inserted one, then two, then three fingers in.  His other hand (slightly warmer!) was playing with my clit, and occasionally he dipped a finger into my drenched pussy, and I felt so full, but also so hot being double penetrated.

He inserted his rock hard cock into my expectant pussy in one fluid movement, and I had a small intake of breath as I felt the length of him spread me further.  He pounded me with hard, rapid strokes, hitting that place that tips me over the edge.  I tried to move my arms, obviously in vain as the handcuffs weren’t going to budge, so I could grab that firm ass of his.  Just as the first ripples of orgasm started to flow through me, he withdrew, and said ‘I’m gonna come on your face’, and took off my blindfold off:  I watched him grasp his cock in his hand and start pumping, the tip only an inch from my face.  All it took were three strokes, and he came on my cheek.  I opened my  mouth, trying desperately to take the tip of his cock in my mouth, to taste him, but I couldn’t lift my head up to reach: instead, he rested the tip on my lips, and the last few spurts went into my mouth, and smothered my lips.

Finished, he bent down to kiss me before I’d licked all of his come off of my lips.  He tasted himself on me, adding that I looked ‘so sexy’ like this, with his come over my face, and being bound and under him.

Next time it’s his turn.

Christmas wish list

December 24, 2008

For the last couple of months when I have received my issue of Scarlet magazine there has been a copy of Love Honey catalogue: there are a few things in there that I would really like.  So on my Christmas wish list this year are:

  • Durex Play Allure Vibrator – it looks so smooth and, well, alluring
  • From Agent Provocateur – the Manuela collection, even though it’s out of stock!
  • Ann Summers Riding Crop – I think William is quite keen on the idea of S&M, so this might be a nice, cheap starter for us
  • Ass Berry Small Vibrating Butt Plug from Love Honey – William and I have been playing with the idea of anal, but seeing as I haven’t done this particular act in about two years, we need to start from the beginning and build it up.  This little toy looks so cute, but I reckon it’s also gonna do the job in stretching me out.
  • And, of course, the chance to curl up in my lover’s arms.

Happy Christmas bloggers!  Hope Santa brings you everything you wished for


December 17, 2008

I love being home at Christmas: it’s cosy and there’s that element of festivity in the air that makes everything warm and fuzzy.  But you cannot update your blog for fear of one of your rents walking in on you.  I’ve had to type this entry over a week!  Although this happened three weeks ago now, I can still remember it because it was so good!  Me and my gorgeous musician, William, had been trying to be good, to wait a bit until we had sex, as we didn’t want to rush into things.  We wanted it to be done properly and for it to be (clique as it sounds) special.

So we set a date, as basically every time we saw each other the electricity and sexual tension between us was huge.  We hadn’t had penetrative sex, but he had already made me come just through touching me and rubbing my clit through my clothes.  We knew that by setting a date, we could set the scene, make everything perfect and it would mean we wouldn’t give into the urge and have a quickie.

William was going to cook for me, I was to supply the dessert (actual dessert here, not sex!).  I arrived at his house, slightly late as I had been making myself up, and had the dilemna of ‘to dress up or not to dress up’.  I decided to dress up slighty, with fancy underwear, a simple ,yet cleavage enhancing dress and high heels.  He had already started cooking when I got there.  There’s something sensuous about cooking together, sharing the wine as you cook: he would stand behind me at the cooker, one arm wrapped around my waist, the other copying my own arm and stirring the vegetables in the pan.  He would carefully tease me, lowering his head to my neck to kiss the curve it made as it joined my shoulders.  Then it was back to business.  Oh yes, teasing indeed.

I have to say, I was nervous.  Well, perhaps 10% nervous, 90% excited (Ode to Armageddon).  I knew it was going to be good, I don’t know how, but I did.  After our sumptuous dinner, he lead me upstairs by the hand, where he’d tidied his room especially (messy boys!).  We stood in the middle of the room, in each others arms, kissing each other, slowly letting the feeling of wanting increase even more than it already was between us.

My dress was the first thing to come off, as he untied the ribbons at the back and lifted it up over my head.  He briefly ran his eyes over my body in approval, his hands on my waist, pulling me towards him to embrace me as we kissed again.  He walked me to his bed, still kissing me, and laid me down on it.

I would like to point out that at this point I was frustrated at the fact that I was semi-naked but he was still fully dressed.  As if he was reading my mind, he pulled his shirt up over his head, and then I pulled him on top of me so he was between my legs.

As our hands wandered over each others bodies, my hands running through his hair (I had previously discovered this makes him putty in my hands),  I moved my head to his side so I could kiss the length of his neck: starting at the jawline, up to the earlobe where I gently nibbled, then onto that part just behind his ear, where I bit down.  This made William moan with pleasure, and he wrapped me up in his arms, squeezing me and pulling me closer to him.

This was definitely the catalyst to William getting the rest of his clothes off, as I was soon helping him undo his belt and pull his trousers off (he handled the socks!).  He returned to his previous position of being on top of me, as I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around him, encouraging him to start rubbing and stimulating my clit through my knickers with his already rock-hard cock.  He returned the favour of kissing me on the neck, gently nibbling my shoulders.

Then he quietly asked, almost nervously ‘Do you want to do it?’, which I thought was incredibly sweet.  I nodded, probably with a schoolgirl grin on my face, as he got up to get a condom from the drawer (yes, an advertisement for safe sex!).  While he was up rumaging through the drawer, I took the remainder of my clothes off, a lay, somewhat seductively, with my arms above my head and one knee bent, to entice him back to bed quicker.

In fairness, I don’t think it mattered how I positioned myself, he’d have hurried back anyway!  He lay on top of me, with his hand between my legs, gently circling my clit.  This was driving me wild, as I’d rather have his fingers inside of me, so I pleaded with him to do so.  He did, thrusting two fingers deep inside me, causing me to literally arch my back in pleasure.  He eased his fingers out of my, only to replace them with his cock, sliding it into me, as I gasped at how it filled me up completely.

I was already worked up to oblivion, so it was inevitable that it wouldn’t take long for me to come: our legs were entwined, my fingernails were digging into his buttocks, I was biting down hard onto his shoulder, and with each thrust it brought me closer to climax, which was earth-shattering, causing my body to shake.  It was very good.  As it turned out, he likes it rough, so the fingernails and the biting tipped him over the edge, too.

Our night did not end there though, oh no.  After a short breather, comprising of mini hugs and kisses and snuggling under the duvet, it was time to raunch it up a bit.  Cue my favourite (well, it was.  I’m now torn, as William makes the missionary so damn good), from behind.  Being as I was feeling so rested after our cuddles, I decided to be lazy and lie on my front, propped up on my forearms, and have William slide into me from behind like that.  This meant he got to lie on top of me again, and I could turn my head to kiss him passionately as he thrust into me from behind.

Here’s the funny bit (it’s funny now): William is quite well endowed, at least seven inches, so he has to be careful he doesn’t go too deeply.  Which he did.  And it hurt!  This resulted in me whipping my head back in response to the pain, and headbutting him.  So concerned was William about him hurting me that he withdrew and insisted in giving me a head massage.  I’d completely forgotten the fact that I’d headbutted him, so he had received the pain too.

Once we’d got over the multiple pains, we giggled, and started all over again.