Wicked way

November 1, 2008

Now I’m not going to divulge who this was with. A prize though, for whoever guesses correctly:

Him: “Morning. Thanks for the earlier comment, was feeling a bit down, better now. How’s uni life? Wanna come live here?”

Me: “That might be an idea! What was up with you anyway?”

Him: “Posh people suck. There’s room in my castle for you, very reasonable rates”

Me: “How reasonable? I’ve heard castles can be draughty. Get back to work, lazy!”

Him: “The rates involve performing tasks for me”

Me: “Like cooking and cleaning?”

Him: “Cooking, cleaning, sexual favours…”

Me: “Are you being a naughty boy?”

Him: “Well, you know me, I have a hard time being good. Are you texting in your lecture you bad girl?”

Me: “No I am not! I’m a good girl. Can’t you find anyone where you are to enslave?”

Him: “Personally I thought you’d enjoy the slavery 😉 what will convince you?”

Me: “Send me a picture of something I like to convince me”

Him: “Ice cream?”

Me: “No! But that’s a good idea for later, keep it in mind”

Him: “How about the sexypants?”

[Sends picture message of him in nothing but his boxers, along with “off in the shower now, pleasant thoughts :)”]

Him: “Have you thought about us having a shower together so we’re both wet and naked?”

Me: “I have, but I won’t tell you what I’ve got in mind just yet….”

Him: “Does it involve me pushing you up against the cool tiles after you’ve had a hot shower? Either way round, I don’t mind!”

Me: “Sounds good. Trying to decide which side I want to get hot first. But that’ll be after I’ve dropped to my knees and given you a blow job”

Him: “You do surprise me! I’m thinking behind first, so I can press your big, wet tits against the wall while I slide into you from behind”

Me: “You love it when I go down on you, so don’t be shocked! But I’m not going to let you come. That definitely sounds like the best position….”

Him: “I do love it, especially standing up. Not going to let me come then? What else have you got planned?”

Me: “I thought I was the slave here, subject to your every demand? Shall I bring the handcuffs?”

Him: “I wouldn’t mind bossing you about, but I need some direction. What do you want me to do?”

Me: “Not that I need persuasion, but I want to be made to lick and suck your cock. Then I want you to withhold sliding it into me, even if I beg you too”

Him: “And just when you’ve given up hope, I’ll fuck your brains out. Where do you want me to come though?”

Me: “So many options….you’re in charge, you decide, just as long as it isn’t my hair!”

Him: “I love coming in your mouth, but coming inside of you is a close second. You make it sound like there are so many choices, how much porn have you been watching?!”

Me: “Enough. I wouldn’t mind making you come in my mouth. First time anyway”

Him: “If I’m fucking you from behind in the shower, it could go everywhere, all over your ass, your back….”

Me: “Good job we’re in a shower then! There’s in my mouth, my breasts and stomach, my back, in my pussy and in my ass….you decide!”

Him: “I’m sure you’ll make me come enough for one of each. I’ll definitely be fucking you in the ass at some point in the night, if you want it”

Me: “I do want it. I may have to relinquish my role as slave and boss you about though”

Him: “Are you going to take control and ride my cock? What else are you going to boss me about for?”

Me: “I’ll use those chains of yours and have my wicked way with you”

Him: “You’re going to tie me down? Can’t wait, I bet your wicked way is awesome”.

3 Responses to “Wicked way”

  1. Sheriff of Nottingham. Easy.

  2. lacestockings Says:

    mmmmmm Alan Rickman…….


    Nope, sorry ILB!

  3. […] 9, 2008 at 1:24 pm (Uncategorized) So in my previous post, the man in question was indeed Barry.  As some of my readers will know, yes, Barry wasn’t […]

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