March 28, 2009

As I think I’ve forgotten to mention it on here:

I’m a pole dancing teacher!  I was told I got the position last week, and I’m so excited!



October 23, 2008

No, not the musical.


On top of your head.

Fact of the matter is, my hair is the longest it’s ever been, past my shoulders, but not quite a breast level.  This is brilliant, as I can hide behind it in lectures, tie it up when it’s a mess or it’s raining, use it as a weapon of seduction or flick it when I spinning round the pole.

But long hair isn’t me

There’s a reason I’ve always had short hair: because it suits me!  I have to admit, I have been growing it purely because it looks good when I do the hair flicks when I’m on the pole, and I do think men prefer longer hair on women: why is that?  Is it some relic of porn movies when men pull on longer hair?  Or maybe it’s because it merely differentiates between the sexes, and subconsciously men pick up on that.  

But it really isn’t me.  Now I’m not saying I’m gonna cut it all off and have a pixie cut a la Victoria Beckham, but I was thinking more along the lines of the ‘pob’ but bright red.  Because that is me.

Sod whether I can or can’t do hair flicks on the pole, I can do much better stuff.  And let’s face it, if men prefer women with longer hair then that’s just a silly preference.  Surely (dare I say such a cliched saying?) a good personality is better?  I will have a hair cut for me, and hopefully it’ll show my  personality in it, which is a rather good part of me.

Courtesy of those lovely girls at Suicide Girls.  This pretty much sums up what I want!

So I mentioned in my previous post about my friend Ebony setting me up with a rather good looking guy, who I will call ShyGuy, cause he is VERY shy.  It took him a long time for him to pluck up the courage to text me (to compliment me on my pole dancing skills, no less).

We had been texting back and forth since that fateful day when Ebony intervened, and decided to meet up for a drink or three last night.  There were other friends going as well, so it didn’t feel like a date, just more of a get together of friends, as it turned out we knew the same people.  But one by one our friends left or sort of got distracted by either the football or the gig going on downstairs.  So we were just left alone.  I have to say, despite being shy at first, it was hard to shut him up!  He is incredibly charming.

So one thing led to another and we ended up kissing there on the leather couch, in the middle of the pub, surrounded by people.  We stayed like that for a long time, with our hands wandering all over the place, regardless of whether we had an audience or not.  And in the end we decided to leave to find somewhere a bit ‘quieter’, and ended up back at his house.

Now, I’m not one to promote one night stands.  I’ve never even had one before last night.  But it’s the end of term, we’re both going home (he’s a foreign student), I might be going to Oxford.  It wasn’t like it was the start of a relationship, we both made that clear.  And everyone was happy celebrating results (including me) and it just felt right.

I have to say, he was amazing.  ShyGuy had the biggest cock I have ever seen, in both length AND width.  It was quite scary.  I was thinking ‘Oh God, this is gonna hurt A LOT!’ And it did, sort of, but not for long.  And I could definitely feel the benefit of that width, it felt amazing.

So we alternated between sex and conversation all night, we didn’t really sleep.  Our conversations were about everything, and the general impression I got was that he was one of the nice guys, perhaps too nice for his own good.  But he was a bad boy in bed 😉

Usually, when you have sex with someone for the first time, it’s missionary so you can get used to each other, and perhaps other positions just to show you have imagination.  No missionary here with ShyGuy, just lots of variations of me on top, him behind and on our sides.  And I even got a bit of anal play in there, which was just fantastic.

So due to unknown circumstance in the coming months, I don’t know if I’m gonna see him again.  I hope so, even if it is just as ‘friends’ (I’ve used that term a lot recently), as he’s such a nice guy.  But who knows what might happen?

I’m off to get some sleep now…..

To me, from me:

My very own pole!

Yes, I will pole dance for money this summer (coming to a town near you!). Well, maybe, if I’m desperate!

Yes I can do that

Pole dancing and men

May 15, 2008

One of my male friends has just discovered I do pole dancing. I don’t know how he’s gone so long without knowing this, as I thought all my friends knew that that’s where I disappear off to a few times a week. But he’s been reading my facebook profile and sent me a message going something along the lines of ‘You do pole dancing?! That’s so HOT!’

I have suggested he come with me to a lesson, as men are allowed to the lessons. But (and I’m not being sexist) it’s not really a male dance form. There are certain moves that would, erm, hurt their tackle. Even if they do it right, it’s gonna hurt.

Anywho, back to my mate. I’ll call him Shawn. We had a ‘thing’ last year, and by thing I mean I was drunk, he was drunk, we kissed and then he kinda followed me around like a lovesick puppy for months, even though I made it clear I wasn’t interested in him in that way. I felt very bad, I know it was only a kiss, but I was newly single and realised that if I wanted a snog, I should’nt have picked one of my mates. I tried to be as unbitchy as possible. When I started going out with Barry we sort of got back to the normal friends stage. I do hope he doesn’t start looking at me like some sort of lust object again.

But, at least I know the affect pole dancing has on men. If me and Barry ever split, I know just what to say to men 😉

Oh, and whilst on the Barry front…..dissertation are ruining my relationship! Would it kill him to tell me before 9pm that he’s not coming round cause he’s working on his dissertation?!

Preference Meme

May 2, 2008

  • Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
  • Definetly at night. I don’t like mornings, as my hair is all over the place, my skin looks terrible and need to get up to brush teeth. And Barry is always grumpy in the mornings, it takes him at least 2 hours to ‘wake up’ and start forming sentences as opposed to grunts. Night sex is better cause its a way to de-stess and there’s not the ‘oh no, I have to be in lectures in an hour!’ mad panic. You can take your time.

    • Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Video?

     Naughty pics.  For starters, I don’t own a videocamcorder thingy, and trying to film everything on mobile phone would get tricky…who would hold it?!  Besides, pics are much better when you’re away from significant other and can tease them with just a picture of your body

    • Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?

    Now, I like lights off.  Your eyes adjust to the darkness and you can see things really well and it means you’re gonna use your other senses more.  But lights on is good, if it’s soft lighting, makes your skin all radiant 🙂

    • Word preference: Pussy or Cunt?

     Pussy, definetly.  Cunt just seems a horrible word to me.  Maybe because where I come from, chavs regularily shout it at people they’re trying to insult.  Takes the shine off it, don’t you think?

    • Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?

     Only during sex.  I’ve yet to get Barry to do this, considerate lover that he is, he doesn’t want to hurt me.  It’s on my to-do list:  Make Barry see that a little spanking is good

    • Word preference: Cock or Dick?

     Cock, always.  Mmmm….see how it just rolls off the tongue (haha) and instantly makes you think of long, hard, thick, throbbing male members, dying to be licked and sucked and kissed…..sorry.  Back to the point.  I once went out with a right prick, who’s name could also be shortened to Dick (no prizes for guessing what his name was).  And now that word reminds me of him, not hard, gorgeous cocks begging to licked into a frenzy

    • Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape?

     Erm….tape?  I like handcuffs and silk scarves and neither of them are there, but I have used PVC body tape before, so I’ll plump for that option.

    • Give a Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?

     I’m greedy, so it has to be receiving anal sex.  I miss it sooooo much.  Barry is too huge for me though, it hurts.  And while it’s hurting I know that there’s so much more we could be doing that doesn’t hurt.  For the time being, I’m very pleased with my double ended dildo

    • Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?

     The former, as you can’t guarantee you’d end up with a nice celeb.  You could end up with Pete Doherty.  So stripping.  Being as I already do pole dancing, I’m half way there

    • Which threesome: Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?

     Oooooo….this is tough.  I’ve always had a fantasy of a Boy/Boy/Girl threesome (hence the double ended dildo I own), cause I would love having two blokes at the same time.  One underneath taking me up the arse, the other on top of me facing me pounding my pussy.  Although I’ve fantasised about havig sex with a woman (and I’m working on that), I don’t think I’d be happy sharing my bloke with another woman.  My bloke sharing me with another man is fine.  But I’d get jealous if another woman come onto my turf.  So the boy/boy/girl threesome it is! 

    • Flavored Oil or Tingling Oil?

     Depends on the make cause the Durex ones are terrible.  They don’t work.  The O’My ones do however, so if someone’s offerring me those ones, I’d say both 😀

    • Pearl Necklace or Swallow?

     Swallow.  In all honesty I like how it tastes.  And I feel like I’ve done a good ‘job’ if my man is coming in my mouth, and I think he likes it when I shallow.  Kinda like he’s being dominant: You will shallow what I give you.  Yummy

    • Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex with a Stranger?

     Sex while strangers watch, cause you never know where the stranger has been before, and you don’t want to catch something nasty do you?

    • Tied to the Bed or Tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross?

     Tied/handcuffed to a bed.  It’s comfy, and you can always go to sleep (kidding!)

    I may have rambled on for a while, lost in my sexual fantasies.  Hope they amused you 😉 I tag wickedbed next!

    From viewing previous posts, you can see that me and Barry are in a sex drought.  To be more specific, I’m in a sex drought, as Barry doesn’t seem to mind not having sex, although I’m hoping after Sunday night, he’ll be begging for it when I open the door on Wednesday!

    But, due to the lack of physical exertion of the sexual variety, I’ve been feeling somewhat neglected.  I know some may view this as me being reliant on men to feel good, but honestly, having your boyfriend reject you again and again does something to you.  You can’t help but feel neglected, unloved, and even, dare I say it, unsexy.  Yes, I have felt like that. 

     Normally, I’m a confident woman.  I pole dance,  I do martial arts, I’m not afraid to wear what I want, I flirt and feel empowered by all of these.  But after so many rejections, I couldn’t help be feel what I’ve always swore I’d never feel in a relationship.  I always though that if I felt like that, then my other half wasn’t taking care of my needs, and therefore, I shouldn’t settle for it.  But with Barry, I feel differently.  He’s under a lot of stress at the moment, and I know that if that stress wasn’t there, he’d be up for a sex marathon.


     So, how best to deal with this situation?  I recently started talking to someone online (how wonderous the internet is!), purely innocently at first, but as the sex drought set in, we started flirting.  Small things at first, like him telling me I was sexy.  You have no idea how this uplifted me, as Barry hasn’t told me I’m sexy/gorgeous/amazing in a few weeks in case it gives me the wrong idea.  More recently, it’s progressed to basically saying what we’d do to each other if we ever met for simple no-strings-attached sex.  He knows I have a boyfriend and that I’d never cheat on him, but this seems like the ideal way to release my sexual frustration without actually sleeping with someone else.  I have to admit (and I feel I can, being as this is totally anonymous) that he is pretty fit.  It’s just like watching porn, but with slightly more interaction.

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