The most original chat-up line

December 1, 2008

Hello fellow bloggers and avid readers.  Things as a postgrad student have hit that point where I have too much work to do and not enough time to do it in.  I currently have three assignments to do and 3 exams to revise for in one week.  Easy peasy (!).  I have lots of posts lined up, promise, but in the mean time, I will let you in on an event that happened to make my day last week.

I was in the student pub with William, enjoying a drink after a music session, and sheltering from the cold.  We were heading for the door when this guy came up to me, who was either drunk or very eccentric, or both.  He pulled me to one side and said:

“Oh my God, you are the single most beautiful girl in this room, you’re eyes are so radiant, you light up the whole place!  And you smile is so radiant.  All the men notice you when you walk into this place, and they are so intimidated by your beauty that they can’t come up to you.  You are simply gorgeous.”  At which point William had walked off and didn’t witness any of this, as he thought I knew the guy!

When I thanked this kind stranger for his rather original conversation, I went to find William and re-told him the story.  He seemed a little miffed that some stranger had been ‘hitting on his girl’ as he put it, but that he had to agree with the drunk/eccentric guy.

It’s quite nice to be complimented by a complete stranger, but having my boyfriend (We are officially a couple!  Facebook says so!) compliment me on a daily basis is a rather more heart-warming and confidence boosting affair.

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