February 7, 2009

I’ve found a new lingerie site:


I already have more lingerie than I could possibly ever need – apparently Gok Wan says women need five bras: black, white, strapless, sexy and plunging.  I have three times that.  And don’t get me started on the amount of corsets, basques, knickers, suspenders, stockings…..

But I can’t resist new lingerie.  It’s like the newness makes your whole body look new too, and shiny and enticing.  It’s a present for me and the other half, not that it stays on for long: something for him to feast his eyes on; and for me, as he can’t wait to take it off and throw me down on the bed!

His slave

August 20, 2008

Hmm, didn’t really think of the flip side here! It’s his birthday….so I have to get him something. And I don’t think a bottle of Jack Daniels would suffice! Although, whilst on the subject of alcohol, you can’t beat a bit of your favourite tipple to just loosen up and make you a little more giggly and slightly less inhibited. I mean, in general. If you’re not inhibited then I don’t know what alcohol does to your inhibitions! Answers on a postcard please.

Anywho, back to the main topic of conversation, during a slight bit of text flirting earlier, Guy did say how he would like to take a shower with me, cleaning me with some luxurious body wash, and then simultaneously moisturising me and giving me an all over body massage (he’s good isn’t he?!). I think my birthday present is complete 🙂

Now….for his present. Think I’m pretty much sorted underwear-wise due to the fabulous Dita bra and silver topped stockings. Should leave him completely speechless 😀 Now I don’t want to plan it *too* much, because then there’s no spontaneity, but I’ve got a fabulous trench coat, that’s just screaming out to cover up my lingerie and only my lingerie, complete with those shoes when I turn up at his….


August 4, 2008

Greetings bloggers!  I have been gone a while, due to birthdays and large amounts of work, but I return to you with something delicious!

I refer to this for the title:

The Dita bra.

Yes, you’ve seen the Dita briefs, now it’s time for the matching Dita bra (naturally, I have ordered one from Miss Summers).  The reason I am dedicating an entire post to this is because of the fastening:  it fastens at the FRONT.  Now, call me cruel, but imagine my delight when I realised this was the case, and the thought crossed my mind: ‘how long will it take men to notice that the fastening is at the front, not the back?’  Foreplay would continue for so much longer! One can hope…

Obviously, it’s gonna take me a while to figure this one out, with no man close at hand at the moment.  But to anyone else who has this, I would very much like to know how long it took 😉

And, after LadyP’s post agggeeesss ago, I did also treat myself to numerous sets of stockings.  Well…I now have the complete Dita outfit!  I need stockings to go with!

Forgiveness Part 2

June 2, 2008

So I said here that I was gonna wait a few weeks, see how it pans out. I also said I felt like a doormat, and wanted to see how that worked out. Some may say that the following means I buckled too soon, and am still a doormat.

I decided that being as the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it’d be nice for me and Barry to cook together, being as it usually ends in food over most of the kitchen, not in our stomachs, but is great fun anyway! So we did, including pudding 🙂 I noticed a change in him almost as soon as he walked through the door: he was happy to see me, he even had conversations with my housemates, where for the past few weeks he’s kinda kept quiet and avoided them. But I still decided to ‘talk’ to him, about us.

He said there’s nothing wrong, he’s just bogged down by work. I said that he normally talks to me about these sorts of things, and you know what he said? Here you go:

“You’ve been through so much, I don’t want you to have to worry about me too. You should look after yourself first”.

How bad do you think I felt then? All this time, he’s been very vague about what’s eating at him, and all the time, it’s cause he was thinking of me after all. He then proceeded to tell me he was so happy being with me.

So the night carried on as normal, just like it used to do. We know where we are now (well, I mean to say I do…I’m much less paranoid). And it evolved into a tickling contest, which resulted in me throwing him on the bed and having my wicked way with him 😉

Then just after he rolled me over so he was on top, he said ‘forgive me?’ Then we did what can only be described as made love. I don’t think I’ve ever ‘made love’ before, you know where you feel so….I dunno. So connected. He was holding my head in his arms cause my head was over the edge of the bed. And he just held me, and kissed me and hugged me like it mattered. It was the kind that has left me trembling, I’m just floating now! Although, think he got a bit scared, as he thought he’d broken me – should’ve waited an extra day! (See Being a woman)

So…feel less paranoid now, feel happier about everything. But did I ‘settle’? It’s not as if I haven’t made my points clear. I have stood up for myself. So fingers crossed…this will lead to a happier and stronger L+B relationship, and eventually, once I’ve sorted my head out, a happier Lace.

The marathon quickie

April 28, 2008

Or quickie marathon. Either or. That’s because it wasn’t a quickie (I don’t think Barry does quickies!) but it wasn’t the usual 4 hours marathon of sex we have when we haven’t seen each other. Somewhere in between. I’m not complaining. After all, it’s quality, not quantity 😉

Last night was good, obviously having 6 weeks apart did something! I think he had missed me 🙂 Barry was still pretty run down from the stress of the previous exam week, but I don’t think even that could prevent how much he wanted me. He walked through the door looking very hot (he’d been shopping, his bi-annual shopping trip) and I closed the door and immediately started kissing him and stripping him naked. He had worn my favourite boxers as well, but they weren’t on for long. He had a harder time undressing me, as I had worn a dress over a lace bustier with ties and fastenings and all sorts, crotchless thong, stockings and garter belt. In the end he just threw me on the bed and whilst nuzzling my neck he thrust his hard cock into me.

Gosh, I had forgotten how big he was! It took me a while to adjust, but I came so quickly, probably just because I finally had him inside of me! He started rocking me to another orgasm, with my leg hooked over his shoulder and kissing me with such force. After my second orgasm in about five minutes, he said he wanted me naked, so helped me strip myself down (he can’t work out how suspenders are attached) then proceeded to fuck me again, this time fondling my breats and licking my nipples, and all I could do was hold onto the headboard and come, yet again.

I think at this point he was close to coming, as he pulled out and made his way down and started licking my clit in long, slow, languid stroke, and probed my pussy with two fingers, which curled round and pushed against my G-spot. He was gently sucking on clit, alternating making little circles with his tongue, all the while his finger were delving as far as they could go. When I couldn’t take anymore, he returned, and I kissed him as I wanted to taste myself on his lips. Then I rolled him over and showed him what he’d been missing: I licked and sucked on his balls one at a time, then slowly licked the entire length of his cock, and teased him by swirling once around the tip, and then returned to the base. I licked that base of his cock, whlie massaging his balls, and then sucked gently on the top of his cock, and then lowered myself down sooo sloooowly. I could hear him swearing under his breath, his hands were tangled in my hair as I took the entire length of him into my mouth, making me gag a bit. I could feel him twitching, so withdrew and gave him a long kiss.

I asked him if he wanted me to make him come, and he didn’t say anything, he just positioned his cock at my pussy and thrust upwards, making me scream and grip onto him for support. I moved up and down, and he thrust upwards to meet me, grabbing my hips. I leaned forward to kiss his neck rocked backwards and forwards, still hearing him cursing under his breath, so I knew it was making him feel good, and he was close to coming. What was stopping him I wonder? I whispered ‘Come for me’ in his ear, but he replied ‘I’m not finished with you yet’ and gripped my hips with such force and thrust upwards, again and again, causing me to fall on him, and them I came again.

I needed to rest after that performance, so we did for a bit. Then I needed to get up and close the blinds, as it was getting dark. Just as I had closed the last blind, he sprang up behind me and started kissing my neck and doing that wonderful Barry technique: licking my neck up and down and swirling his tongue over my pulse and gently sucking. He did this on both sides, all the time running his hands over my body, like he wanted to feel every inch of me, like he couldn’t believe I was actually there in front of him. Then he bent me over my desk and said ‘I’ve wanted to do this all night’ and thrust into me so hard, it rocked the desk, as I was gripping onto it hard. He started my moving in and out slowly, kissing my back and teasing my nipples with his right hand and grabbing my hip with his left. Then I told him I wanted it harder, faster, and that I wanted him to come in me. His right hand moved down to stroke my clit, and he pounded me with such force, the desk was shaking. We came together and he collapsed onto my back and planted little kisses there.

After that we were pooped and fell into bed under the duvet, curled up in each others arms. We stayed like that for the rest of the night, him spooning me, with his arms around me. We watched a movie (Underworld – you gotta love that leather/pvc outfit Kate Beckinsale wears!) and he gave me little massages, helped me with my uni work and then fell asleep, still hugging me. In fact, even when he rolled over in the night, he always had some part of his body in contact with mine, even if it was just his leg over mine.

I know this sounds silly, but although he hasn’t said ‘I love you’, I feel it. I know that he’s scared that if he says it, it’s all going to go horribly wrong and we’ll break up, especially with the long distance thing looming. But the bond between us is different somehow, in a good way, to how it was last term. Maybe it’s just because he’s more content now he has his PhD stuff sorted and exams out of the way. But he was always affectionate towards me anyway, but yesterday more so.

Yes, I am silly.

Date night continued

April 25, 2008

Or should I wear black bra, this , garter belt and suspenders?


So many choices


Date night

April 24, 2008

Sunday is date night!

I have been told I do not have to ‘dress up’, but if I do, it’ll be very much appreciated 🙂 so I intend to wear my gorgeous badydoll and some leg avenue stockings. Maybe. I may change my mind.

I don’t care. I’m seeing my Barry! I’ve been so lonely today, it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel

Perfect end to a terrible week