I was thinking the other day how much people’s views towards sex have changed in just a few decades. I was listening to a song and there was a woman having an orgasm in the background, and I thought ‘that would have been scandalous about 20 years ago!’ Not that I think it’s a bad thing. Why should we feel bad about it? Sex is truly a wonderful thing, and I decided to write about my experiences, even if they are anonymous.

  • I’m a 22 year old student in the UK, currently dating. My current boyfriend is sexy as hell but also the sweetest and most genuine man I’ve met. However, I have had bad experiences in the past, namely abusive relationships.  I would like to point out that abuse isn’t just a fist: it can be emotional and psychological, as well as physical.  Prevention of violence against women is a cause I feel passionately about.
  • Nevertheless, despite bad previous experiences I enjoy sex.  A lot.  But I have found that it’s always better when you care for the other person involved.  I’ve done rebounds and one-night stands, and someone always ends up getting hurt.
  • Sexy underwear is something I wear all the time, not because I’m horny all the time or ‘just in case’ something happens, but because it makes me feels damn hot, and that gives me confidence.
  • Pole dancing is amazing. I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now, but current exploits (notably doing a PhD) have a tendency to get in the way of practicing.  But it gives me so much confidence, not only because it’s incredibly sexy, but also because it’s such a good workout, so I feel good afterwards.

So welcome to my page, my slice of sexuality, my sex life and the space it occupies in my head…

4 Responses to “About LaceStocking’s page…”

  1. alexandria davies Says:

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  2. cdnsexplorer Says:

    Great posts from what I have read thus far.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, and hope you’ll check out my blogs about my erotic mind and my real sexplorations




  3. cdnsexplorer Says:

    sorry the link was incorrect,,,this is the proper link:


  4. Victoria Rose Says:

    Hi LaceStockings,

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