Things to lust after

January 24, 2010

New entries are coming soon, I promise, as I have lots of delicious exploits to share with you all.  My knees are trembling at the sheer thought of said exploits.


But you know what else makes me go ‘phwoar’? Agent Provocateur.  I didn’t know they did shoes!  So check out these babies

Over-the-knee/thigh-high boots are high fashion at the moment.  But, if like me, you like simplistic footwear without fussy details, I think these fit the bill.  And, let’s face it: even when they’re out of fashion (they will come back in again though), if you walked into the bedroom wearing these, underwear and a whip in your hand your man isn’t going to complain is he?


Things to lust after

December 3, 2009

They can be found here.

How gorgeous are they?  I’m putting them on my Christmas wish list/New Year sales list.  These would make my man drool.  Hell, I’m willing to bet they’d make any man drool.

Blood, sweat and tears

October 12, 2009

I’m going to write these tales in chronological order, so then I can mentally delete them as I write them down.  Makes sense to me!  So first up, we have the last time me and William ever had sex.  It wasn’t pleasant, at least towards the end of our early morning session.

He had come to visit me at uni, as I was still working to try and finish my MSc, whereas he had finished his degree and had moved back home.  In the morning I was frantically trying to get ready for uni, as I had a lot to do in the lab that day, and William was, typically, taking his time and occasionally getting in the way.  As we stood in the house, saying our goodbyes, something happened: a tingle up my spine as he held me, and a sudden urge to just drag him to bed and have him straight away.  The thought of driving to uni was pushed to the back of my mind as it was overpowered by the need to have him pressed against me.

We smashed our lips into each other, kissing frantically whilst tearing off our clothes.  I pulled him with me as I moved towards the bed, and we both collapsed, him on top of me, into the soft bedding.  There was no foreplay – somehow, we didn’t need it, as we just wanted it that badly.

But it turns out that we did need foreplay: as William withdrew after our respective orgasms, a pool of blood formed on my duvet.  William had torn his foreskin.

He had done this before, so this surprised me that it had happened again – surely it had hurt and he would have stopped?  Apparently it did hurt, but that wasn’t enough to stop him.

It came to light in a later conversation between the two of us, after we had split up, that he knew we weren’t doing too well, but he was willing to do anything to try and make it better.  Which is sweet, in a way.  But is a relationship really worth spilling blood over, when you know that it’s effectively ended?

Phone sex

July 27, 2009

Him: I’ll never let you win! Accept that I am superior.
Me: Nope, I’ll come up with some sort of appeal that says you’re cheating.
Him: That’ll never work.
Me: I’ll tie you to a chair and gag you.
Him: That’s called blackmail.
Me: I could bribe you. Everyone loves a bribe.
Him: Depends.
Me: On?
Him: How delicious the bribe is.
Me: Well we’re down to two options: money and sex.
Him: I don’t want money.
Me: Well that’s sorted then. But I suspect it’ll have to be to certain requirements. You won’t let me win for just anything.
Him: True. What do you suggest?
Me: A peck on the cheek?
Him: No deal.
Me: A kiss on the mouth?
Him: Hmmmm…still, no deal.
Me: A kiss below the belt?
Him: Getting better!
Me: Me, naked, on my knees, giving you head. Then, when I’m done, you can have your way with me. Does that sound good? Deal?
Him: Deal.


May 3, 2009

I know I’ve missed out March, but I don’t think we tried any new in that month.  We probably experimented with things we’d already tried, but nothing brand spanking new.

Last month, however, we did.  I can’t find a picture of this in my bible of positions, so I drew it.  It’s only a little sketch, please, no nominations for the Turner Prize:

img_0790I quite liked it!

Another new thing we tried: spanking.  William isn’t into spanking, or whipping, or anything that requires using force on a woman, as he thinks it’s mean.  I can see where he’s coming from, but just recently, he’s been giving me little taps on the bum when he’s taking me from behind.  The other night, he was doing this, until I shouted ‘harder!’ and he gave me an almighty slap, which made me come there and then.

It’ll be whips and paddles soon, I hope.


February 7, 2009

I’ve found a new lingerie site:


I already have more lingerie than I could possibly ever need – apparently Gok Wan says women need five bras: black, white, strapless, sexy and plunging.  I have three times that.  And don’t get me started on the amount of corsets, basques, knickers, suspenders, stockings…..

But I can’t resist new lingerie.  It’s like the newness makes your whole body look new too, and shiny and enticing.  It’s a present for me and the other half, not that it stays on for long: something for him to feast his eyes on; and for me, as he can’t wait to take it off and throw me down on the bed!


December 24, 2008

Two posts in one day, aren’t you a lucky lot?

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but apart from pole dancing my hobbies include making my own jewellery, some of which I sell in my own little shop on a marketplace for handmade items called Etsy.  Whilst listing some new items, I stumbled across this

How utterly gorgeous are they?!  They are truly gorgeous, works of art.

Again, Happy Christmas!