Bite me

June 20, 2010

I now have matching love bites, one on each cheek of my bum 😉

New chapter?

November 8, 2009

He kicked off his shoes, one of them propelled to the area of the room I was standing in. It hit the back of my leg, and I spun round, ready to berate him. But I thought of a better idea: under the guise of being annoyed, I started a tickling war. He was powerless to resist, and collapsed in a fit of giggles onto his bed. I straddled him in order to keep up the pretense that I was hurt by such a display of carelessness with his shoes.

But then he grabbed me, forcefully, but not enough to cause me pain. My arms were pinned to my sides, and all tickling was stopped. I was still straddling him, and as I felt how powerfully he held me in his grip, I started to let my mind wander over what might be.

I slowly lowered my head to meet his, and gently placed a kiss on his lips.  To say there were sparks is an understatement.  A sharp intake of breath from him, and his arms were wrapped around me, holding me in an unbreakable embrace.  My arms snaked around his neck, my hands running through his too-long hair.  Our hands wandered, as our lips danced over necks: as his lips kissed, and teeth grazed over my neck, it was all I could do to slump into ball.  A ball completely filled with electricity, feeling ecstatic.

I should have been feeling utterly relaxed, lapping up the attention he was giving me.  But I was greedy.  I wanted more.  I pulled at his shirt, lifting it up over his head.  I wanted to get a better look at him, so I pushed him back onto the bed, still kissing him, with him pulling me down on top of his body.

I wound my way down his neck, onto his chest, with my mouth, placing kisses along my way, but pausing at his nipples.  I circled my tongue around his nipple, and heard the sharp intake of breath, and felt his arms lock tighter around my body.  I continued this, bringing him to the same peak he had brought me to earlier, before carrying on my journey further down his body.

If his belt wasn’t so complicated, I would’ve contemplated taking his trousers off with my teeth, just for the effect.  But, alas, his belt was complicated.  He had to help.  But once I got his trousers off (he took his socks off at the same time – how do men do that so easily, seemingly without us noticing?), I continued with the teasing.  This was done by kissing the tops of his legs, and that little crease that forms between the top of his legs and his abdomen.  Then I started at the base of his penis, and licked the length of it, finishing off with a swirl of my tongue around his head.  I played around this throbbing head, running my tongue up and down the frenulum, as my left hand pumped his cock, and my right hand was entwined with his hand.  Then, when I thought I’d teased him enough, I slid the entire length of his cock into my mouth.  His hand swept my hair aside, which had fallen and covered his cock, so he could watch me work my mouth on his cock.

I moved back to kiss him properly, and his hands move quickly to remove me from my clothes.  Again, I raise the issue of skinny jeans: they may look good, but they sure as hell are difficult to get off in the throws of passion.  Now it is his turn to worship my body.  And he does such a good job, paying particular attention to my breasts, kneading them gently with his hands, whilst flicking my nipples with his tongue.

As I was in a state of complete and utter bliss, yet again, I failed to notice his hand disappear ‘down south’, until he started circling my clit with his fingers.  He was teasing me.  I kept trying to wriggle around, so he would sink his fingers deep inside me, but he didn’t take the bait.  But he did, when I least expected it.  I practically came on the spot.  It had been too long since I’d had anyone finger me, and it felt so good to have it done to me again.  He rocks me hard, still pleasuring me with his tongue all over my body.

Positioning himself above me, I spread my legs to allow him easier access.  I squirm a little, anticipating the inevitable thrust of his cock.  He rubs my opening with it, before sinking in, in one long stroke, before pulling out again.  He continues to do this, several times, before I grabbing him, trying to pull him towards me, my legs wrapped around me, trying to ease my frustration.  He grants me my wish, slowly, and as he thrusts in and out of me, he positions his hand in between our bodies, and starts rubbing my clit again.  He brings me so close, but stops.

I roll him over, pinning him down, and straddle him again.  I lower myself onto his cock, and this time, bring him to the brink of orgasm.  But I stop just before he does.  Now who’s the teasing one?  I tell him I don’t want him to come just yet, and suggest that he takes me from behind.

Kneeling on all fours, he grabs my hips, and takes me, starting slowly, and building it up.  With one hand on my hip, the other on my right breast, he brings me to the point again…..but then stops, building up the suspense.

We collapse side by side on the bed – neither of us have come yet. I ask him what he wants.  He says whatever I want, I can have it. I tell him I want him right now, really hard. He obliges.

He slid his cock into me, forcefully, and carried out my request by thrusting into me hard and fast.  After a few strokes, he said ‘Told you I wouldn’t last long’, followed by ‘ohhhhhhhh fuck!’ as his thrusts became harder, before coming deep inside me.

I may not have come, but he made up for it later.  But that’s another post…

Cock, please

October 15, 2009

Before I tell you about past adventures, I feel I need to get this off my chest:

I’m missing sex.  Oh so much.

There are points during the day when I can’t concentrate on what I’m reading because my mind wanders off, and recalls what it’s like to be kissed, caressed, licked, stripped, nibbled, teased, fucked…..see?  It’s happening again!

I really shouldn’t complain: if I hadn’t have broken up with William, I could still be having semi-regular sex.  If things with Bass Player had been more than a fling, I could also still be having sex.  But that isn’t really a good enough reason for wanting a man in my life now, is it?

When I start missing cuddles in bed, being told I look cute when I angry, being made cups of tea and breakfast, and having a man to hold my shopping bags on a Saturday, then maybe I’ll start looking properly.  When I feel like I can actually love someone again, then there will be no maybe about it.

Sex update

July 16, 2009

I’ve been away with my coursemates on a ‘conference’.  I say conference, but it’s not the type you’ve probably got an image for in your head at the moment: basically, we were in the middle of nowhere, with no phone reception or internet, and made to talk about our current research to the rest of the department.

It was actually kind of fun.  Having no phone reception and internet meant I couldn’t be distracted, and I enjoyed time with my friend.  Maybe I enjoyed the time a little too much….

I had heard rumours that my coursemate, Bass Player, had liked me for a while.  But we’d been good friends, nothing more.  But being away in strange surroundings with nothing better to do can lead to all sorts of things.  Throw in the fact I’d received bad news about a family member dying whilst I was at the conference, and my emotions were all over the place: I was tired, drained, numb with shock, and had an overwhelming urge to go home.

The majority of my coursemates were drunk, which is a regular occurrence on conferences!  I was sitting by myself, in the dark, when I was stumbled upon by Bass Player.  He asked if I wanted to join the others, and I hesitantly got up from my comfy sofa where I was curled up and got up.  He led the way, and when we’d walked through the doors to the top of the stairs, he turned round and asked if I wanted a drink from the bar.  I politely shook my head, as alcohol really wouldn’t help my situation at that present time.  He brushed the hair out of my eyes and then quickly pecked a kiss on my lips. 

Completely stunned, I just stood there.  But what happened next was, I’d like to think, uncharacteristic of me: he kissed me again, this time for longer and more urgently, as if he was fitting in 9 months of fantasising about this moment into one point in time.  But I did not pull back.  I kissed back, and wound my arms around his torso, with my hands winding through his hair.

He pushed me against the wall, out of sight of prying eyes and pressed himself against me with, if it was possible, even more urgency.  His mouth found its way down to my neck, his hand entwined in my hair on one side of my head to prevent it lolling in the state of pleasure I was experiencing.

I haven’t wanted to feel a man’s touch so much for a long time.  Not even William’s.  I spread my legs, with him in-between them.  His hand snaked up my leg, around the curve of my bum, and under the back of my top.  Resting his hand in the small of my back he pulled me closer to him, as his mouth ventured further down.  His other hand was now free, leaving my head to rest against the wall.  His hand traced a path across my breasts, before pulling down my top to expose my bra.  His finger slid under the confines of my bra, to discover my nipples were hard and eager to be touched.  He complied by lifting my breast from its prison, and dipped his head to taste it: he circled my nipple with his tongue, before giving it a gentle nibble.  He continued to pleasure me in this way for a while, before tracing a line of kissed back up to my mouth.  I felt completely sated.

But his kisses left me wanting more, and the urgency and the speed we were kissing increased.  Tongues danced, teeth bit down harder on lips, breathing got heavier.  His hand moved from the small of my back to again trace a line up my leg, but this time, on the inside.  It was excruciatingly slow.  When he finally reached the spot between my legs, his touch, even though through my jeans, just made me moan.  He found my spot so quickly, and his fingers were truly skilled, as he had me working up to orgasm in no time.  I was holding on tight to him, my head buried in his shoulder, teeth biting down through his t-shirt to muffle the sounds of my pleasure.

It was just before I came that I made him stop.  Something switched on in my head, that even though I knew I had to end my relationship with William, I wasn’t that girl: I wouldn’t cheat on him.  In some eyes, I know it appears I already have.  But I knew if I came right there, it would be so much worse, and the guilt so much more than it already was. 

I asked him to stop.  At first he didn’t understand, thinking I meant I wanted to go somewhere more secluded for more than just a fondle in a doorway.  I explained to him that I couldn’t continue, that I felt guilty enough as it was, and that I wouldn’t continue this until I had done the right thing.  He didn’t seem to understand at first, but it eventually sank in.

I know some of you reading this will believe I am a bad person.  Go ahead, it’s ok.  But it made me realise that if I wanted to touch another man that much, and have him touch me in that way, and not think of William until I was nearly coming on his hands, then maybe I should wake up and smell the coffee.LA8396-001