Christmas wish list

December 24, 2008

For the last couple of months when I have received my issue of Scarlet magazine there has been a copy of Love Honey catalogue: there are a few things in there that I would really like.  So on my Christmas wish list this year are:

  • Durex Play Allure Vibrator – it looks so smooth and, well, alluring
  • From Agent Provocateur – the Manuela collection, even though it’s out of stock!
  • Ann Summers Riding Crop – I think William is quite keen on the idea of S&M, so this might be a nice, cheap starter for us
  • Ass Berry Small Vibrating Butt Plug from Love Honey – William and I have been playing with the idea of anal, but seeing as I haven’t done this particular act in about two years, we need to start from the beginning and build it up.  This little toy looks so cute, but I reckon it’s also gonna do the job in stretching me out.
  • And, of course, the chance to curl up in my lover’s arms.

Happy Christmas bloggers!  Hope Santa brings you everything you wished for


August 28, 2008

LadyP and BS: thank you for giving me a push in the right direction! I’ve had the most decadent morning with Johnny.

Yes, morning.

He still has to pack for his travels so we figured an early morning meeting would be better for his timetable. I went round to his for 9am, so we could spend the morning together for the last time before he leaves. We didn’t really have a plan for the morning, we just wanting to talk, spend some time together, not as supervisor and supervisee, but boyfriend and girlfriend.

I’ll admit I made an effort to look good: I’d put fancy underwear on (that Dita bra I was on about), not because I expected anything to happen, but because the frills showed out of the top of my shirt which I though looked good! And simple jeans and shoes.

He was waiting at the door for me as I pulled up, and just uttered a breathless ‘Hi’ as he watched me walk up the drive. Once inside he offered me a drink, but this remained unattended as he pulled me to him when he wrapped his hand around my waist and kissed me ferociously, with need and passion. I dropped my bag where I stood and just sort of let him envelope me in his arms. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my right leg and curled it around him, continuing to kiss me, and then dipped his head to kiss the V shape my shirt made on my chest.

Leaving me breathless now, he pulled away slightly to say another breathless ‘hi’, with his hand framing my face and brushing my cheek. Inevitably we went upstairs, mainly to be out of the way as his family woke up and prepared to get ready for the day ahead. Immediately after he’d closed the door to his room I turned around to speak to him to be greeted with him placing his hands either side of my face and pulling me into a kiss. That knee-wobbling, spine tingling kiss.

He undress me sharpish, starting with my shirt, which he removed slowly, dipping his head once again to kiss my breasts and stomach. I wanted to undress him, but he got to my jeans first, eventually getting down on his knees to tug them off (damn skinny jeans are difficult to get off!). I was just about to reach for his waistband to remove his jeans, but he had already done it, and slipped them off to reveal the most gorgeous body ever: slightly tanned (I don’t know how in this country, but he does a lot of outdoorsy type sports, so that explains it I guess), muscly, with thighs worthy of an Olympic cyclist.

Once I’d stopped drooling over his body he picked me up and laid me down on the bed ever so slowly and gracefully. Cue continuation of kissing, alternating between needy, hungry kisses and slow, tender, barely-there kisses. All this with him rubbing his rock hard cock against me as he lay between my thighs, bringing me to orgasm without even penetrating me.

The next part was a bit evil on my part: Johnny tried to remove my bra by undoing the back….but it clips at the front! I didn’t let him suffer for too long before telling him how to undo it. Thankfully he found it funny that I was teasing him 🙂 He started to massage my breasts, kissing and sucking on the nipples simultaneously.  Stripping my bra away, he placed little kisses in a line all the way down my stomach to my knickers, before returning to my mouth. Shifting my knicker to one side he rubbed my clit and my opening before plunging two fingers into my pussy. He stopped, and told me to lie on my side, and he lay behind me, wrapping me up in his arms, kissing my neck and back, before running his hand down my side and rubbing my clit through my knickers from behind, before once again, fingering me. God it felt good. As I’m writing this I can remember how good it felt, as I turned my head round to kiss him, and he continued to finger me, with his thumb rubbing my clit at the same time, bringing me to a shuddering orgasm.

As I basked in the glow of another orgasm so soon, he held me, looking at me and smiling, kissing me, before removing my knickers completely and positioning himself on top of me. We continued kissing for was was like an age, but I didn’t mind: those kisses are truly fantastic. I tried to remove his boxers, with urgent need and he got up and removed them for me in front of me so I could marvel at his body in full.  I tried to flip him over so I was on top, but he stayed firmly planted on top of me, saying ‘I’m in charge’.  And he was.  I couldn’t shift him, as he towered over me.

I could feel the tip of his penis at my opening, which was so wet and all his teasing. I thought he was teasing me some more, but what came next was a totally surprise. He just sort of collapsed on top of me, his arms underneath me holding me in his embrace, his head resting on my chest.

‘I’m sorry’ he said, and I replied ‘what for?’ as I stroked his hair and back, but he wouldn’t reply at first. Then he said that he was really nervous, and I could feel his heart beating in his chest, as if it was going to jump out.

I didn’t understand fully, how he could go from being so ‘up for it’ as it were, to this, but I was more concerned than anything else. He just said ‘it’s not you, it’s me, honestly, I’m just not that confident at this and I don’t want to disappoint’. I was so stunned by his honesty that I just let him lie there, and said I’d do anything to make him feel better (I didn’t mean just sexually; I meant anything, even if that meant just lying there in each others arms. Does anyone else get this? I’m not very good at explaining :S) and he said that just lying there, like we were, was nice and relaxing.  He kept asking if I was bored just lying in that embrace, but I truly wasn’t.  I felt so connected to him, the fact that he was so open about his nervousness with me.  I kissed his forehead and lightly stroked his back with my fingertips, which he liked, he said it was relaxing.

We lay like that for a while, before we resumed kissing, but with the passion slowly increasing, until he felt ‘ok’ enough to continue: he positioned himself above me and thrust his cock into me in one stroke. In all honesty, although he isn’t the biggest I’ve had, he was big enough and actually was the perfect size: long, with enough girth to make me feel it and make it pleasurable, but not so big that it hurt like hell!

I wrapped my legs around him, as I could feel the impending orgasm in both of us, as Johnny’s breathing was increasing, along with uses of the word ‘fuck’! He shuddered as he came in me, and I could feel his cock pulsing. He collapsed at my side, wrapping me up in his arms once again, the two of us being so close. As he recovered, all he could say was ‘I’m so pleased you told me how you felt, cause I wouldn’t have had the balls to do it myself. I just wish we had more time together. You looked incredible the other night, and I couldn’t believe it when you kissed me.’

And I will return with the rest of the story later 😉


August 4, 2008

Greetings bloggers!  I have been gone a while, due to birthdays and large amounts of work, but I return to you with something delicious!

I refer to this for the title:

The Dita bra.

Yes, you’ve seen the Dita briefs, now it’s time for the matching Dita bra (naturally, I have ordered one from Miss Summers).  The reason I am dedicating an entire post to this is because of the fastening:  it fastens at the FRONT.  Now, call me cruel, but imagine my delight when I realised this was the case, and the thought crossed my mind: ‘how long will it take men to notice that the fastening is at the front, not the back?’  Foreplay would continue for so much longer! One can hope…

Obviously, it’s gonna take me a while to figure this one out, with no man close at hand at the moment.  But to anyone else who has this, I would very much like to know how long it took 😉

And, after LadyP’s post agggeeesss ago, I did also treat myself to numerous sets of stockings.  Well…I now have the complete Dita outfit!  I need stockings to go with!

Catch up

July 18, 2008

The new Ann Summers catalogue is out! I have just ordered a load of stuff, so when it turns up next week I will post about it for your viewing pleasure.

Now, about ShyGuy and I. I mentioned earlier about how we met, sparks flew, and I spent the night at his. Thing is, he informs me that was his first time. In all honesty I couldn’t tell, I knew he was nervous, but I thought perhaps he hadn’t had sex for a while, or it’s the first-time-with-this-particular-girl nerves. But I felt sooo guilty, cause aren’t first times meant to be special? I mean it was really good sex, and it was special, we just spent all night talking and having sex and we felt connected. But I think because I know my first time wasn’t all candles and scented oils and everything romantic, I felt guilty because I didn’t want him to regret it. He says it was fantastic, and that it was special for him. I suppose men view the first time differently to women? I guess they do!

He’s been so nice the past couple of weeks, I keep thinking I’m gonna say something to fuck it up! But he texts multiple times a day, and he asks me how my day’s been, what I’m up to, that he misses me…he’s interested in me. Which is a revelation after the past few men. He even calls me and stays on the phone for ages, just to hear my voice (Barry hated phone conversations and I never had a phone call from him in the entirety of our relationship). And then there is of course MSN, which means we communicate, on average, for many hours a day! He also has his own radio show that I can tune into, and he always plays me a song.

Suggestions are still welcome for a better name for him, as it doesn’t really fit anymore, because once he starts talking he doesn’t shut up!

Date night

April 24, 2008

Sunday is date night!

I have been told I do not have to ‘dress up’, but if I do, it’ll be very much appreciated 🙂 so I intend to wear my gorgeous badydoll and some leg avenue stockings. Maybe. I may change my mind.

I don’t care. I’m seeing my Barry! I’ve been so lonely today, it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel

Perfect end to a terrible week

Adult pleasurezone

April 11, 2008

I received a catalogue, entitled ‘adult pleasurezone’ through the post today. I don’t know why! I haven’t signed up to receive it, and no one I know has had it, so why me? How’d they get my address and name? Perhaps it’s cause I’ve ordered stuff off of Ann Summers website and other erotic lingerie sites that maybe they got it from there. And apparently, to stop receiving the catalogue, you have to ring a phone number which charges £1.50 a minute. I don’t think so. I think I’d rather keep my money and carry on receiving the catalogue and just recycle it.

Anywho, whilst flicking through said catalogue and have observed some very strange things: like a ‘vagine sucker’ which claims to make your labia swell to make it more pleasurable for your man. The diagram does not help matters.

And the women models are of your standard erotic lingerie model types (see Ann Summers), but the men are just, quite frankly, scary. Not alluring, or sexy. Scary

I’ll stick to Ann Summers and Undercover lingerie, thank you very much

Even newer purchases!

March 31, 2008

So my Ann Summers stuff turned up today and am sooooo pleased with it! 



Is absolutely stunning on (sorry to brag, but it does), sort of uplifting my tits and giving them a really nice shape (do I sound like a sales rep?)  This is what I’m wearing when I see Barry next (counting down: only 25 days left!)

Ok, but on a different note.  I have mentioned flirting outside the relationship before, and while I’m not doing it, I’m amazed at how many other people do it.

For instance, I went to the pub with some mates last week and I went up to the bar on my own and one guy, who was ok looking started talking to me, general chit chat, but progressed to more, like ‘shall I give you my number?’  I said I had a boyfriend, and he replied with ‘I have a girlfriend, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them’.  I politely declined his offer and went back to my mates, and told them what happened (I think I should point out that I was the only girl out that night) and they didn’t seem surprised.  Apparently it’s a common occurrence.  With them at least!

 So is there a difference between men and women?  I mean, that guy at the bar was interested in more than just flirting, but do men flirt, expecting it to lead nowhere, and it’s just part of innocent ‘fun’, and women see it as something more?