My wish list

May 7, 2010

I want you to tie my hands together, behind my back, then push me to my knees.

I want a collar around my neck, with a lead attached to it, which you will hold in your hand and position me wherever you want me.

I want you to force the entire length of your cock into my mouth, and, using the lead in your hand, as well as pulling on my hair with your other hand,  fuck my face.  Make me deep throat you.

I want you to drag me to the edge of the bed, push me onto my knees again, and push my face into the bed.  I want you to position your face between my cheeks and run your  tongue up and down the length of my pussy.  Suck on my clit, and bite my cheeks, do anything you want.

I want you to  rub the tip of your cock at the opening of my pussy.  Tease me, make me beg.  Slide the entire length of your cock into me, slowly. Fuck me with long, slow strokes, in and out of me.

I want you to grab my hair as you speed up.

I want you to change your mind, and pull me up, and push me against the wall.  Spread my legs apart, and  thrust into me again.  Pull on my hair and hold onto the cuffs that are still restraining my wrists.

I want you to pound me so hard it brings you to the point where you want to come.

I want you to pull out, and take your cock in you hand.  Finish yourself off, and come over my back and bum.

Now it’s your turn to make a wish list

Sex tips

May 9, 2009

I’ve been incredibly absent of late, but I’ve been ill 😦 boohoo! This is made worse by the fact I have an immune system similar to that of a jelly baby. 

But before I become ill, me and William had quite a fun night, which I would like to share with you all….


This month’s issue of Glamour (the one that has the delicious Beyonce on the front cover) has, like most women’s magazines, sex tips.  These sex tips usually claim to improve your sex life one hundred fold, and promise to ensure you’ll never have boring sex again.  I usually read these and think ‘yawn’ to them, as I’ve either tried them or they seem too complex to try: I would rather have fun during sex than think ‘are we doing this particular technique correctly?’

Most of the tips in this issue were ones I’ve read before, but there was one that seemed worth trying: under the section ‘How to have an orgasm every time’ was a method recommend by Laura Berman, expert in sex. She said to ‘put one pillow under your hips, and one under your head.  Then make sure he stays close to you during sex, moving up and down so your pelvises stay in contact.’

Sounded like what we do pretty much every time we have sex, just to start us off, but this time, there were pillows involved! I’d read about this before, but hadn’t mentioned it to any previous lover for fear of making them think I was unhappy about our sex life.

William, however, seems quite open to trying new things, so I shoved the magazine under his nose for his to read.  He seemed quite keen.

Off went our clothes, and he positioned me so I had a pillow under my bum, and one under my head, making sure I was comfy.  Then, to business.

I felt a bit lazy, just lying there, him doing all the movements up and down.  But then I felt it: the first twinges of an orgasm deep inside.  These twinges gave way to waves of pleasure, building up and up.  The power in them was immense:  they carried on much longer than they would normally, and when I finally came, it was, quite possibly, the most powerful one I’ve had.  Ever.  

And I was completely relaxed afterwards.  I lay there on his bed, naked and uncovered, and I was quite content.  He, however, was not, as he’d been concentrating ‘on his performance’, as he put it, so wanted to go again.  Same position? Why not.

And it didn’t fail second time round, for either of us.  For me, being so relaxed after the first orgasm perhaps influenced how I came so easily, and quickly, second time round.  I like this position.  Well done, Glamour!


May 3, 2009

I know I’ve missed out March, but I don’t think we tried any new in that month.  We probably experimented with things we’d already tried, but nothing brand spanking new.

Last month, however, we did.  I can’t find a picture of this in my bible of positions, so I drew it.  It’s only a little sketch, please, no nominations for the Turner Prize:

img_0790I quite liked it!

Another new thing we tried: spanking.  William isn’t into spanking, or whipping, or anything that requires using force on a woman, as he thinks it’s mean.  I can see where he’s coming from, but just recently, he’s been giving me little taps on the bum when he’s taking me from behind.  The other night, he was doing this, until I shouted ‘harder!’ and he gave me an almighty slap, which made me come there and then.

It’ll be whips and paddles soon, I hope.

Carpet burns

April 18, 2009

As a break from revision (for him) and horrible, horrible research (me), William and I decided to go to the theatre for the night.  We invited friends along to make it a nice outing.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, I think I’ve managed to convert William to the theatre now.  Next on the list is Shakespeare.

Anywho, we drove home, the conversation topic stayed mainly on the show.  When we got home, we closed the door and continued talking, and it was like one of those really soppy romantic rom-com movies, as we turned towards each other, moved a little closer together and then started kissing.  Just like two magnets.

So the clothes came off, an item at a time.  I dropped the keys I was holding to the floor, which made a loud ‘thud’.  Soon we were both standing in the middle of the room, completely naked.  I didn’t need to persuade him tonight: he got right down on his knees without a word from me and started licking.  It felt good, as we’d had a whole week without sex, which has been heightened over the weekend by the ‘no hanky panky’ rule laid down by the rents.

He pulled me down on top of him so I was sitting on his face.  I played with his hair as he grabbed my bum and pulled me forcefully onto his mouth even more, and moved me backwards and forwards over his tongue.  He even ventured into indulging me with a little rimming, but not for long, as his intentions ultimately lay elsewhere.

My bed was a mess (huge surprise for me), so we turned our attention to possible floor space.

He went on top first.  The friction between my back and the carpet wasn’t exactly nice…..but then again, I was having orgasms so I didn’t care!  He had slid into me in one stroke, I was so wet and ready for him.  My legs were intertwined with his, and as I experienced the crescendo before coming, I wrapped my arms around his waist so tightly, just to keep him in that spot that would guarantee my orgasm.

Without letting me come down from my dizzy high, he flipped me over: my legs ached from being spread apart, perhaps due to lack of practise.  It’s been a long time since we’ve gone a whole week without sex.  He slid into me once again from behind, one hand on my waist, the other on my back, pushing lightly to indicate me wanted me on the floor.  So there I was, bum in the air, my torso pressed to the floor.  I was slightly worried I’d get carpet burns on my breasts!

He leant over me and whispered ‘where do you want it?’

‘I don’t mind, I don’t care, make me come again, please!’

In response to this, he fucked me so hard, then suddenly withdrew, and then, basically, I gave him an arse-crack wank (if anyone has a better name for this, let me know): he rubbed his cock up and down the middle of my cheeks, before coming over my back.  I could feel the warmth of his come as it hit my skin, and I sighed, knowing that he was satisfied.

It wasn’t until after all this, William said: ‘Does your back hurt? It’s awfully red’….


March 1, 2009

Looking at which positions me and William tried out this month, I have to say…it seems quite boring!  I haven’t seen very well (I may write a post about it when I get a final outcome on what it actually is, as it’s something that’s an interest of mine), so that has knocked two weeks here and there last month out of our possible-sex-time.  So the theme for this month seems to be variations on the missionary position: who’d have thought you could have variations on it?  Well, here’s a few.

img_0414The half-pounder: good for him as he can thrust hard, and chances are he will come before you.  But the higher the woman’s knees, the more pleasurable it is for her.  Although I found, as lithe as I am, I couldn’t hold my knees up high (see picture below) for long!

img_04173This is the ‘You’ve Pulled!’ move, as with the woman’s legs wrapped around the man’s hips, she can pull him in closer.  It’s a nice move, as it provides more contact of his body onto your clit, but my hips didn’t like this move and had to go back to the following move:


The Easy-Peasy: this is the original missionary position!  An old favourite, one could say, as it is usually guaranteed to get you off.  Although, I found that after a few mintues, I wanted to go back to something more adventurous:

img_0416The Hangover Cure:  I don’t know why it’s called that but hey, this is a good move!  Not particularly great for intimacy, as you feel like you’re pushig him away with your legs, but it does allow deep thrusting.  And it’s a excellent position for anal sex, too.

William pointed out the other night that we haven’t had much ‘variety’ this month, and I have to agree with him.  But flicking through my bible that is the book of sex moves, I can think of a few that are definitely adventurous for tonight!

Position Generator

January 21, 2009

William found my secret stash of goodies in the box under the bed.  Among the sex toys, handcuffs, lube and blindfolds, he found the ‘Sex 365’ book, with a position for every day of the year.

On a tangent here, on the back cover it says: ‘You’ll never have sex the same way twice’.  I find this a very bold statement, as surely you will get through the book eventually, perhaps not in a year, but in two or three depending on how often you have sex/use the book.  Then you’ll have to start again…..using the same positions.

Back to the curve now: William decided we should try out some of the moves.  So I’ve listed some of the moves we’ve been trying the past few weeks, along with whether they are worth you trying out

img_0290The Cosmopolitan:  Found this quite good for shallow strokes, but not great for intimacy – it feels like you’re pushing him away with your legs.

img_0292Oasis: Shave your legs beforehand!  Better for deeper strokes than the previous, but again, not great if you like the whole intimacy/closeness deal during sex.

img_0293Ai no corrida: I highly recommend this one.  Very intimate, it’s an excellent position for letting him kiss and touch.  Works best when you both rock in sync.

img_0294Hot on your heel: I like this one A LOT.  The angle at which he’s penetrating provides a different kind of stimulation to a normal missionary, plus you get to cop an eyefull of his buttocks 🙂 But perhaps should only be tried if you like your feet being kissed.

img_0295Sharp shooter: Now, we tried a slight variation on this, where I was bent over (the sofa, actually), but I had one leg in the air, as shown, and he had one foot on the arm of the sofa.  Allows for VERY deep strokes. Which is nice, as long as it’s not too deep.

img_0297Digital generation: sometimes the names are a bit lame.  But this position most definitely is not!  I’m pretty sure most people would have tried this though.  But I love it, hence the mention.  What’s even more brilliant is if he lies down, he can wrap one arm around you to fondle your breast, while the other rubs your clit.  Or he can stay in the position in the picture, and can lean down into a kiss.

Tied and Bound

January 7, 2009


I was stripped naked, with only a blindfold on, and was led by the hand to lie on the bed.  He positioned my arms above me, and then I felt the cool metal of the handcuff encasing my wrists as has fastened them.  I wriggled about, testing to see how much movement I still had, but I had been handcuffed to the headboard of my bed, and my ankles were being bound with silk ties to the bottom of the bed.

Just for a moment, all excitement left me, and the feeling of fear swept over me: this was the first outing into bondage for me and William, and I didn’t know what to expect.  But I quickly pushed this thought aside, as I felt the cold touch of William’s fingers, which were covered in lube: the excitement built up again as they circled my bumhole and he carefully inserted one, then two, then three fingers in.  His other hand (slightly warmer!) was playing with my clit, and occasionally he dipped a finger into my drenched pussy, and I felt so full, but also so hot being double penetrated.

He inserted his rock hard cock into my expectant pussy in one fluid movement, and I had a small intake of breath as I felt the length of him spread me further.  He pounded me with hard, rapid strokes, hitting that place that tips me over the edge.  I tried to move my arms, obviously in vain as the handcuffs weren’t going to budge, so I could grab that firm ass of his.  Just as the first ripples of orgasm started to flow through me, he withdrew, and said ‘I’m gonna come on your face’, and took off my blindfold off:  I watched him grasp his cock in his hand and start pumping, the tip only an inch from my face.  All it took were three strokes, and he came on my cheek.  I opened my  mouth, trying desperately to take the tip of his cock in my mouth, to taste him, but I couldn’t lift my head up to reach: instead, he rested the tip on my lips, and the last few spurts went into my mouth, and smothered my lips.

Finished, he bent down to kiss me before I’d licked all of his come off of my lips.  He tasted himself on me, adding that I looked ‘so sexy’ like this, with his come over my face, and being bound and under him.

Next time it’s his turn.