Change of scenery

November 4, 2010

It’s very difficult to have sex at your parents house.  The possible discovery of the two of you mid-coitus is terrifying.  Or at least, it should be.  Occam and myself found it quite exhilarating, the prospect of being walked in on made it all the more kinky: it was naughty, we shouldn’t have been doing it there, it was bad.  But oh-so-good.

So this got me to thinking (in a Carrie Bradshaw fashion) about moving things out of the bedroom, and into more exciting places:

1. Your backyard.  Not very kinky,I hear you say?  Well, I figured if you’ve never had outdoor sex before, this is a good place to start.  You’re still on your property, and can run inside if you get cold feet (both literally and metaphorically).  But wouldn’t it be tres cute if you bumped uglies under the stars? 🙂

2. In a hot tub/jacuzzi/bath.  I can vouch for this one personally.  The water acts as a sort-of lubricant, so how’s about adding a little anal play while you’re at it?

3. Off the beaten track in the woods.  But take a map so you don’t get too lost.

4. The car, in a secluded spot.  I would like to other a few tips on this: make sure it’s a big car  (not a Ford Ka).  You want aches that make you remember your steamy session, not aches that mean you can’t sit up properly for two days.  Also, make sure it’s in a very secluded spot.  I have heard stories about peeping Toms that would make you cringe.

5. A nightclub, to a certain extent.  Now, there are still a few fetish nightclubs about in the big cities (London, Birmingham at least) for you and your lover to pop along and get very frisky and then take the sex home.  Remember, sex in public is illegal.

And a few places to not have sex:

1. Your office/place of work.  You run the risk of being fired.  Not cool.

2. The beach.  I don’t need to tell you about the exfoliating properties of sand.  Do you want that in those places?  Also, beaches contain a lot of faecal matter, so I really wouldn’t recommend it.

3. A graveyard.  Just too creepy and a little bit wrong.

So take these into consideration and explore a change of scenery.  Your sex life will love it.

Apologises!  I have been enjoying Freshers week once more, and of course, the flu that come with it (perhaps not enjoying that so much!)  But I have returned to you (on a brand new shiny computer, no less) with an offering that i hope you will all enjoy, and forgive me for being away 🙂



I have that little black dress on that you like so much, as it shows of every curve of my body, and you have been looking at me with lust in your eyes all night. When another man came up to talk to me at the bar, you made it very clear I belonged to you: you didn’t hold back, as you twirled me round to face you and placed a deep, lingering kiss on my mouth. I wasn’t interested in the other man, but that streak of jealousy seemed to create a sense of urgency in us both, to re-affirm the fact that we belonged to each other. We made our excuses and left to get a taxi home.

You helped me into the taxi, like a proper gentleman, and followed me to sit down beside me. We decided on my place, as it is nearer. I gave the driver the address and he pulled away suddenly, the jolt causing you to lurch towards me.  Your hand brushed across my breast. You went to pull yourself away, but our eyes locked and I felt a hot surge through my body. I reached out to stop you moving and pulled you closer. Our lips met and a soft kiss soon melted into something more passionate.

You suck on my lower lip, bringing the blood to the surface.  As you release my lip, it tingles, and I lick it with the tip of my tongue to ease the sensitivity.  My lips now glistens, tempting you to lean in once more and taste my mouth, parting my lips with your tongue, to delve into my warm and inviting mouth, to entwine your tongue with mine.  Now it is my turn to play with you, and as I finish the kiss I nibble on your bottom lip.  You bring your hand up to you mouth to touch where my mouth was just, but there is not a look of shock in your eyes: the look of lust is still there.  You give a quick glance at the driver, who seems to have taken an added interest on the road ahead, rather than his rear-view mirror.

You stroke your fingertips over my full lips, red the attention you gave them.  I enclose your hand in mine and gently kiss the tip of your fore finger.  I take a little more of it into my mouth, sucking on the tip gently.  Then you push the entire length of your finger into my mouth.  You gasp as you do so, as I look at you through the lengths of my eyelashes, you are transfixed on my mouth, as it works my magic on you:  I swirl my tongue around the base of your finger, and move my mouth up to your knuckles, pausing at each one to give another swirl of my tongue. 

Your breathing has quickened, as I know you are thinking about how that will feel on your cock when we get home.

‘Tell me that you’re mine’ you ask, as part my lips with your thumb, your mouth inches away from mine, ‘say it’.

‘I’m yours, my love’.  I barely finish the sentence and your mouth is pressed against mine, your hand gripping the base of my head, and the other snaking up my leg towards the hemline of my dress.

The finger that I was paying so much attention to earlier find its way to the edge of my lingerie.  You push it to one side, and run your finger up the length of my opening, discovering just how wet I am.  I shudder at your touch, for it has been so long since anyone has touched me intimately, as I belong only to you.

Your fingertips circle my clit slowly, causing my breathing to quicken.

‘My love, you are teasing me.  Please, please, make me come’ I whisper.

‘Not yet, I want to make you so wet that you are dripping’

‘Oh, no, please, make me come!’

You answer my request by plunging two fingers into my pussy, with your thumb remaining on my clit, circling as you push your fingers deeper into my pussy.  I try not to scream, burying my head in your shoulder as I buck against your hand.  You bite into my neck, leaving your mark on me.  I come, with wave after wave of pleasure, gripping your fingers inside of me, dripping down your hand. 

You withdraw and bring your fingers up to my mouth.

‘Lick it’ you request.  I oblige.  I lick every inch of you, and make sure I get over bit of me in the process.  Again, my mouth mesmerizes you, and the promise of what is to come.

We arrive at my house, as you help me out of the car.  You pay the driver generously, who hardly utters a word and avoids eye contact.  I lead you inside, as the evening is only just beginning…

In my dreams

August 5, 2008

Aren’t you a lucky lot? No posts for ages, and no you have two posts in as many days!

As some of you may know for previous posts, I do have some pretty erotic dreams. Last night was a scorcher:

It was in my home town, where there’s a piazza-type place in the middle of the shopping centre. It’s an open space, a circle, with cobbled stones and benches in the middle. I was out shopping with someone I assume is a friend, although I didn’t recognise her. We’re standing in the middle of this piazza and she has one hand around my waist, the other at the back of my head and pulls me into the most indulgent kiss: her tongue is down my throat. And then, as if by magic (because magic happens in dreams, and no one questions why) we are stripped off our clothes, all except for our bras and her strap on. Yes, a strap on. A purple strap on, no less, with buckles, and a ribbed penis that curves towards her. I eagerly straddle her and quickly lower myself onto her, not wanting to waste a moment. I ride her intensely, feeling every inch slide in and out of me, feeling every ridge of the strap on, bringing me closer to the point of coming.  I bite her lower lip as I come.  All the time people pass us and don’t notice a thing.

I really didn’t want to wake up this morning.