Reviews galore: Part 1 – Love Honey

July 26, 2010

I have a multitude of reviews lined up for you, dear readers.  I’m going to split them into two posts, based on where the products came from.  The first part of my mega review session is all about Love Honey.  Occam recently bought me three items from this site:

Bondage Boutique Xtreme Collar

Occam bought me this one in red, and I have to say, on first impressions I really liked this.  I was really impressed it was actually leather, especially at this reasonable price (£28.99).  It just smacked of kink, and couldn’t wait to get home and parade around wearing it.  I was a little concerned that it would be too wide and I’d end up permanently looking up at the ceiling for the rest of the night, but this was a silly assumption.  The only problem I had with this was that it was too big for my neck!  There’s a buckle fastening at the back (this isn’t uncomfortable either), but unfortunately, even on the tightest setting this was still too big.  Maybe it would be a good suggestion to state the size, or, even better, offer different sizes!

But there’s a major bonus for buying bondage gear from LoveHoney at the moment:  they send out a ‘loyality card’, where you collect tokens with every bondage purchase.  Collect ten tokens and you get one free spanker, or carry on and collect 15 tokens to get two free spankers.  And LoveHoney give you two tokens for free!  Given that there’s a huge selection of bondage gear on the site, getting this many tokens isn’t going to be difficult.

I ended up wearing this collar with this:

Dreamgirl Red Diamond Strapped Babydoll

Oh good Lord.  How sexy is that?!  I was itching to get it on (hoping I’d end up looking like the model!).  This is made by Dreamgirl, a brand I’ve come across before, and really liked, but have always been cautious about the seemingly high prices for very little material!  Hence why I think that although this is lovely, and looks great on, I really wouldn’t pay £24.99 for it.

But more on how this looked good on, in case price isn’t an issue for you.  This dress come in one size only, which apparently will fit sizes 8-18.  I was very skeptical at how this could work but this fabric is very stretchy but is also flattering.  Because the fabric is mesh, and the dress is a halter neck, this really lifts your boobs up, meaning there’s no need for a bra, even for the most well endowed lady!

Occam had also bought me something else to go underneath this:

Cupid’s Itty Bitty Beginner’s Butt Plug

Occam bought me this as an extra present, as it was reasonably inexpensive (£8.99).  My immediate thoughts were that it was quite cute!  Very smooth and soft, this was easy to fit into my bum hole underneath the babydoll.  The main reason Occam got this was so I could essentially be double penetrated, which is a huge fantasy for me.  So when Occam entered me (butt plug in, babydoll on, collar strapped around my neck) it felt incredible.  And then *pop!*  The butt plug fell out.  After multiple attempts we concluded that this butt plug is great for beginners new to anal play, but not those who have anal sex on a (semi-) regular basis.   However, this could be a ‘starter’ butt plug, to just ease your bum hole a little before enjoying anal sex – one of the reviewers on LoveHoney had said that she wears it all day long!

I hope you’ve found this part of my review session helpful – the next part, on Durex products, will be put up the end of the week.

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