Durex review – part 2

March 9, 2010

Now I have a permanent lust-object in my grasp who seems to be kinky, or as willing to be as kinky, as me I decided to let him (who needs a name by the way) have a peek inside my sex drawer.  He was impressed.  He was also incredibly shocked by the amount of lube I had amassed – mainly due to Durex giving me freebies.  He enquired as to how one person could need so much lube, and I merely said it was due being very lucky in getting free samples.

So here’s our varied review:


We didn’t exactly waste any time in trying out two of the samples.  Let me paint you a picture: myself, kneeling on the floor, bent over the edge of the bed.  Him kneeling behind me pouring lube onto my naked behind.  He rubbed the lube all over my buttocks, before dipping a finger into my bum hole.  At first, it felt good.  All I would have needed him to do was to reach round with his other hand and start rubbing my clit and I’d be on my way to a stellar orgasm.  But then the tingle lube did what it does best – tingle.

Although it says on the label ‘suitable for oral, anal and penetrative sex’ I really would not recommend it for anal sex.  Feeling your insides tingling does distract you away from any object that may be entering you – which could be a good thing – but it distracts you from feeling anything else – which is bad.  You can’t begin to feel good about what your man’s doing to make you feel like a goddess as your head is just going ‘this is weeeiiirrdd’.  Perhaps the tingle lubricant would be best suited to hand jobs.

Pina colada

Much better and can be used for practically anything.  This is by far my favourite (and possibly my man’s too!) due to its versatility.  Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s function is two-fold.

1. It works really well as a traditional lube – no tingly feeling.  This made sex extra interesting as my man couldn’t resist the gorgeous smell so went to town licking it all off of me before slowly (and very easily and comfortably with no pain – always something to avoid with anal play) and smoothly entering me.

2. I reckon it can double up as a food source – my man actually spread extra lube over my back just to lick it off.  Apparently it really tastes like pina colada!

2 in 1 massage mousse

Durex describes this as ‘fun, squirty, luxuriously creamy and beautifully sensuous on the skin. It’s light, non-sticky, non-drip and non-greasy too. Perfect!’

I have to agree.  We used this in a completely non-sexual way.  Ok, I was naked, but that just makes massages easier and even better.  We have yet to try it as a lube, but if it’s performance as a massage mousse is anything it go by we only have high expectations.  It was quite sweet smelling and definitely a unique texture compared to your normal massage oils.  We love it.

Well done Durex.

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