LS ponders…

August 16, 2009

Is there any place or person that accepts donations of unwanted sex toys?

Moving house has meant I needed to sort through a lot of things, and it came to my attention that some toys in my goodie drawer just don’t get a look-in anymore.  And it seems such a waste for them to sit there, unused and unwanted, taking up precious space in my new house.  

But changing the subject of donating none-sex toys, is anyone willing to accept donations of the following:

  • One copy of Sex 365
  • One copy of SuperSex card deck by Tracey Cox
  • One copy of Wicked Words 4?

I will return with juicy tales of illicit encounters, and cautious tales, to make you think.  I have an idea which ones will be more enticing.

5 Responses to “LS ponders…”

  1. charityslut Says:

    You can donate the books: I’ve frequently found erotic fiction in charity shops. I’ve even found a pack of old-school ‘cheesecake’ playing cards in one such shop. The retail outfit Lovehoney might still have a scheme to encourage environmentally friendly disposal of vibrators; failing that, any electrical toys can go to the council dump. You might get away with donating any good quality sexy clothes and non-insertable toys (e.g handcuffs). You might want to check out the shop you want to donate to first, just in case.

  2. Blacksilk Says:

    Ooh, free stuffs! 😛

    I would imagine most people/places wouldn’t be willing to take any toys that have been used and aren’t sterilisable, but apart from that there’s no reason why you can’t pass on old toys.

    I’m always keen for new goodies if you need a home for anything 🙂

  3. lacestockings Says:

    Hello! Sorry for being completely useless at replying to your comments – I have only 2 weeks left of my Masters and the cracks are starting to show!

    Charityslut: thanks for the suggestions! I may have to do that with the books.

    BS: The list is long(ish): there’s the 3 I mentioned in the post; there’s an Ann Summers babydoll that I’ve never worn because I think I look silly in it; there’s numerous toys such as handcuffs, silk ties, chocolate and strawberry flavoured body pens; and there’s the insertable ones which have been sterilised.

  4. The Drinker Says:

    I think Lovehoney will even send you a recycling bag to send back to them. I haven’t done it, but there was an article in Scarlet about it. ECOSEXY!

    More importantly GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I hope you have a fantastic post-Masters-hand-in celebration set up.


  5. lacestockings Says:

    Thank you Drinker!

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