Position Generator

January 21, 2009

William found my secret stash of goodies in the box under the bed.  Among the sex toys, handcuffs, lube and blindfolds, he found the ‘Sex 365’ book, with a position for every day of the year.

On a tangent here, on the back cover it says: ‘You’ll never have sex the same way twice’.  I find this a very bold statement, as surely you will get through the book eventually, perhaps not in a year, but in two or three depending on how often you have sex/use the book.  Then you’ll have to start again…..using the same positions.

Back to the curve now: William decided we should try out some of the moves.  So I’ve listed some of the moves we’ve been trying the past few weeks, along with whether they are worth you trying out

img_0290The Cosmopolitan:  Found this quite good for shallow strokes, but not great for intimacy – it feels like you’re pushing him away with your legs.

img_0292Oasis: Shave your legs beforehand!  Better for deeper strokes than the previous, but again, not great if you like the whole intimacy/closeness deal during sex.

img_0293Ai no corrida: I highly recommend this one.  Very intimate, it’s an excellent position for letting him kiss and touch.  Works best when you both rock in sync.

img_0294Hot on your heel: I like this one A LOT.  The angle at which he’s penetrating provides a different kind of stimulation to a normal missionary, plus you get to cop an eyefull of his buttocks 🙂 But perhaps should only be tried if you like your feet being kissed.

img_0295Sharp shooter: Now, we tried a slight variation on this, where I was bent over (the sofa, actually), but I had one leg in the air, as shown, and he had one foot on the arm of the sofa.  Allows for VERY deep strokes. Which is nice, as long as it’s not too deep.

img_0297Digital generation: sometimes the names are a bit lame.  But this position most definitely is not!  I’m pretty sure most people would have tried this though.  But I love it, hence the mention.  What’s even more brilliant is if he lies down, he can wrap one arm around you to fondle your breast, while the other rubs your clit.  Or he can stay in the position in the picture, and can lean down into a kiss.

3 Responses to “Position Generator”

  1. Blacksilk Says:

    Is it *really* a good idea to call a sex position ‘ai no corrida’ though??

  2. lacestockings Says:

    Erm, this is where my ‘ignorance is bliss’ comes into play….it isn’t? My Spanish isn’t that brilliant! What does it mean?

    And in my defense, it was called that in the book. I thought it sounded exotic. Now you have me worried BS!

  3. ladypandorah Says:

    Ooh…After looking through these, we might try out ‘Hot on your Heel’. Althought I feel I might need to limber up to it beforehand and do some prepatory stretches!

    LadyP x

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