Tied and Bound

January 7, 2009


I was stripped naked, with only a blindfold on, and was led by the hand to lie on the bed.  He positioned my arms above me, and then I felt the cool metal of the handcuff encasing my wrists as has fastened them.  I wriggled about, testing to see how much movement I still had, but I had been handcuffed to the headboard of my bed, and my ankles were being bound with silk ties to the bottom of the bed.

Just for a moment, all excitement left me, and the feeling of fear swept over me: this was the first outing into bondage for me and William, and I didn’t know what to expect.  But I quickly pushed this thought aside, as I felt the cold touch of William’s fingers, which were covered in lube: the excitement built up again as they circled my bumhole and he carefully inserted one, then two, then three fingers in.  His other hand (slightly warmer!) was playing with my clit, and occasionally he dipped a finger into my drenched pussy, and I felt so full, but also so hot being double penetrated.

He inserted his rock hard cock into my expectant pussy in one fluid movement, and I had a small intake of breath as I felt the length of him spread me further.  He pounded me with hard, rapid strokes, hitting that place that tips me over the edge.  I tried to move my arms, obviously in vain as the handcuffs weren’t going to budge, so I could grab that firm ass of his.  Just as the first ripples of orgasm started to flow through me, he withdrew, and said ‘I’m gonna come on your face’, and took off my blindfold off:  I watched him grasp his cock in his hand and start pumping, the tip only an inch from my face.  All it took were three strokes, and he came on my cheek.  I opened my  mouth, trying desperately to take the tip of his cock in my mouth, to taste him, but I couldn’t lift my head up to reach: instead, he rested the tip on my lips, and the last few spurts went into my mouth, and smothered my lips.

Finished, he bent down to kiss me before I’d licked all of his come off of my lips.  He tasted himself on me, adding that I looked ‘so sexy’ like this, with his come over my face, and being bound and under him.

Next time it’s his turn.

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