Matchmaking skills continued

June 27, 2008

So I mentioned in my previous post about my friend Ebony setting me up with a rather good looking guy, who I will call ShyGuy, cause he is VERY shy.  It took him a long time for him to pluck up the courage to text me (to compliment me on my pole dancing skills, no less).

We had been texting back and forth since that fateful day when Ebony intervened, and decided to meet up for a drink or three last night.  There were other friends going as well, so it didn’t feel like a date, just more of a get together of friends, as it turned out we knew the same people.  But one by one our friends left or sort of got distracted by either the football or the gig going on downstairs.  So we were just left alone.  I have to say, despite being shy at first, it was hard to shut him up!  He is incredibly charming.

So one thing led to another and we ended up kissing there on the leather couch, in the middle of the pub, surrounded by people.  We stayed like that for a long time, with our hands wandering all over the place, regardless of whether we had an audience or not.  And in the end we decided to leave to find somewhere a bit ‘quieter’, and ended up back at his house.

Now, I’m not one to promote one night stands.  I’ve never even had one before last night.  But it’s the end of term, we’re both going home (he’s a foreign student), I might be going to Oxford.  It wasn’t like it was the start of a relationship, we both made that clear.  And everyone was happy celebrating results (including me) and it just felt right.

I have to say, he was amazing.  ShyGuy had the biggest cock I have ever seen, in both length AND width.  It was quite scary.  I was thinking ‘Oh God, this is gonna hurt A LOT!’ And it did, sort of, but not for long.  And I could definitely feel the benefit of that width, it felt amazing.

So we alternated between sex and conversation all night, we didn’t really sleep.  Our conversations were about everything, and the general impression I got was that he was one of the nice guys, perhaps too nice for his own good.  But he was a bad boy in bed 😉

Usually, when you have sex with someone for the first time, it’s missionary so you can get used to each other, and perhaps other positions just to show you have imagination.  No missionary here with ShyGuy, just lots of variations of me on top, him behind and on our sides.  And I even got a bit of anal play in there, which was just fantastic.

So due to unknown circumstance in the coming months, I don’t know if I’m gonna see him again.  I hope so, even if it is just as ‘friends’ (I’ve used that term a lot recently), as he’s such a nice guy.  But who knows what might happen?

I’m off to get some sleep now…..

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